AMN Reviews: Jay-Dea López – The Great Silence (3Leaves)

Imagining what Australia sounded like when the first Europeans arrived in 1788 – and presumably so far out in the bush that no indigenous peoples are heard to tread either – Jay-Dea López presents a pristine field recording of the ”great silence” that reigned and that provoked such a negative reaction from the colonists, leading to a cultural contempt for the land and the civilization of its habitants, to whom the land spoke and sang. Of course it is anything but silent, as a brook burbles and choruses of frogs croak and cicadas whirr and crickets chirp and halfway through, thunder rolls off in the distance. Otherwise untreated, it is López´ intention to protest the quashing of the aboriginals and the encylopedic knowledge of a land that would soon no longer be theirs. A simple but effective act, beautiful to hear.

Stephen Fruitman

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