AMN Reviews: Jeremiah Cymerman and Frantz Loriot – Seven Bridges

Jeremiah Cymerman

Jeremiah Cymerman and Frantz Loriot: Seven Bridges [Peira PM18]

This duet set matching clarinetist Jeremiah Cymerman with Frantz Loriot (violin and objects) begins with a bang, not a whimper. A short but powerful fortissimo blast of wind and strings introduces the 31-minute long single improvisation that makes up the release. Just beyond this opening eruption, the track reveals itself to be an example of a multifaceted interplay with intense passages leavened by quieter and sparser interludes. Both musicians are attuned to each other, Cymerman’s cries, squawks, plosions and bleats complementing Loriot’s plucking, varied bowings, and exploration of miscellaneous objects. Mostly centered on extended techniques of many kinds, this is an absorbing instance of acoustic musique concrete.