Newsbits: Soundpainting at Irondale / New Antoine Beuge Release / Parker’s Vaincu.Va! Re-Released / Mohammad’s Som Sakrifis


British saxophonist Evan Parker
British saxophonist Evan Parker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Irondale presents Tueurs en Série, a new opera composed in real time using the Soundpainting live composing sign language incorporating imagery and sound inspired by the acts of serial killers. This unique piece, a new collaboration of The Walter Thompson Orchestra and the Tours Soundpainting Orchestra (Tours, France), unfolds in an impressionistic non-linear fashion. The opera will be Soundpainted live by Walter Thompson and Angelique Cormier.

Potlatch is releasing at new album, Dedalus, by Antoine Beuge.

Vancouver’s Western Front New Music is re-releasing Evan Parker’s Vaincu.Va! Live at the Western Front 1978. Restored and mastered from the original archived quarter-inch tape that captured his dynamic, innovative performance 34 years ago, Parker’s Vaincu.Va! remains well ahead of its time. His work is unconventional and unpredictable, and this album, to be issued on limited-edition LP, with new cover art created by Front co-founder Eric Metcalfe, is no exception.

PAN is releasing Som Sakrifis from drone / chamber music trio MOHAMMAD.

A Closer Listen Reviews

Marc Behrens
Marc Behrens (Photo credit: ERTZETIK)

From a closer listen:

Barn Owl ~ V
Marc Behrens ~ Queendom Maybe Rise
Liz Christine ~ Sweet Mellow Cat
Jérémie Mathes ~ Efequén
Tropic of Coldness ~ unrelated causalities
Florent Colautti ~ NanoM+ / Untitled#ºº
Felipe Otondo ~ Tutuguri
Be Honest ~ Tea, Sugar, Soda, Soap

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 07/2013

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Michel Lambert
Journal Des éPisodes: Michel Lambert, Guillaume Bouchard, Alexandre Grogg

Daniel Barbiero
a Cast of Shadows: Daniel Barbiero, Perry Conticchio, Rich O Meara

Mike Mahaffay
Mike Mahaffay Interprets Charles Ives‘s Niverse Symphony: Mike Mahaffay and Band

No Business
the Group Live: the Group

Canons: Szilard Mezei Tubass Quintet

Vermilion Traces: Gratkowski, Brown, Winant

Nathan Douds
Nathan Douds Ensemble

Little Bluedevil: Noerteker’s Moxie

Passages: Didier Petit, Alexandre Pierrepont

Shores Ditches: François Carrier, Michel Lambert, Daniel Thompson, Neil Metcalf, Guillaume Viltard

Nobu Stowe
East Side Banquet: Confusion Bleue

Not Two
Schmetterling: Simon Rose Baritone Sax Solo