Ross Hammond on East Coast Tour

tour photoA few dates from guitarist Ross Hammond:

3/21 @ The Firehouse (Brooklyn) w/ Catherine Sikora-saxophone and Ken Filiano-bass (trio), 9pm

3/22 @ The Fire Museum (Philadelphia) w/ Calvin Weston-drums (duo), 8pm

3/23 @ The Outpost (Boston) w/ Jorrit Dijkstra, Eric Hofbauer, Eric Rosenthal and Jacob William 8pm

3/24 @ Downtown Music Gallery (NYC) w/ Catherine Sikora-saxophone (duo), 6pm

3/25 @ Douglass St. Music Collective (Brooklyn) w/ Mike Pride-drums and Ken Filiano-bass (trio), 7pm

3/26 @ Spectrum (NYC) w/ Ken Filiano-bass, Catherine Sikora-saxophone, Matt Nelson-saxophone and Sameer Gupta-drums (quintet), 7pm

George Lewis Interview

English: George Lewis, moers festival 2009

From Jazz News:

Himself an AACM member since 1971, and now entering his sixth year as Edwin Case Professor of Music at Columbia University, where he also chairs the Center for Jazz Studies, Lewis chronicled the organization’s history in A Power Stronger Than Itself: The AACM and American Experimental Music [University of Chicago Press], published in the spring of 2008.

A Power Stronger Than Itself is a landmark work. The bedrock of the text is an exhaustively researched linear narrative history, constructed on over 90 interviews from which Lewis traces keen portraits of numerous members; AACM archival records; encyclopedic citations from contemporaneous literature, both from American and European sources; and vividly recounted personal experience.

Free Jazz Blog Reviews

English: Han Bennink, jazz drummer; Picture ta...
English: Han Bennink, jazz drummer; Picture taken in Jazz Club Unterfahrt, Munich/Bavaria Deutsch: Han Bennink, Schlagzeug (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Free Jazz:

Ingrid Laubrock’s Anti House – Strong Place (2013) ****
Han Bennink Trio – Bennink & Co. (Ilk, 2012) ****½
Mattias Ståhl, Fredrik Ljunkvist & Patric Thorman – Två För Tommy (Found You Recordings, 2012) ****
John Edwards & Okkyung Lee – White Cable, Black Wires (Fataka, 2013) ****
Mark Solborg – The Trees (ILK music, 2013) ****
Paal Nilssen-Love/Lasse Marhaug/Massimo Pupillo – You’re Next (Bocian Records, 2012) ****

New Cryptogramophone Releases

From Cryptogramophone:

THE ADORABLES is the latest band led by Zeena Parkins, harpist with Bjork, and a stalwart of the Downtown NY scene. Featuring percussionist Shayna Dunkelman and electronic guru Preshish Moments, THE ADORABLES mixes lush acoustic orchestration with live electronics, beats, and unusual instruments. Visceral, unearlthly, exquisitely rich sounds with drones, crafted sound processing, feedback and the guts of harp strings. Guest appearances by Deep Singh and Dave Sharma – percussion, Kristin Slipp – vocals, and Danny Blume – guitar. Click Here to find out more about this CD.

Alex Cline presents For People in Sorrow, a poignant re-imagining of the landmark composition by Roscoe Mitchell recorded live at the 2011 Angel City Jazz Festival. This audio CD and video DVD in a beautifully designed package features vocalist Dwight Trible, woodwind players Oliver Lake and Vinny Golia, Cornetist Dan Clucas, pianist Myra Melford, harpist Zeena Parkins, guitarist G.E. Stinson, violinist Jeff Gauthier, cellist Maggie Parkins, bassist Mark Dresser, and drummer-percussionist Alex Cline, with poet Larry Ward and chant by Sister Dang Ngheim, all conducted by Will Salmon.
Click Here to find out more about For People in Sorrow.

This Week in Buenos Aires

From Buenos Aires,su Nueva Musica:

Wednesday 20 March

CONTEMPORANEA CERVANTES ( classical contemporary )
At Sala Orestes Caviglia – Teatro Nacional Cervantes , Libertad y Sta fe — 21.00hs

1) INTARSIMILE – KLAUS HUBER (2010) 8 min.
Johannes Haase, Violín
2) ; – FRANCISCO CONCHA GOLDSCHMIDT (2013) (Chile) 5 min.
Johannes Haase, Violín
3) PAISAJE SONORO I – MARTÍN QUERALTÓ violín / electronics (2013).Johannes Haase, Violín
4) TERRITORIO – DIEGO TARANTO (2012) 20 min.
Federico Landaburu, Bass Clarinet Facundo Ordoñez, Contrabass.
5) QUALIA – MARCELO TOLEDO viola / electrónics Mariano Malamud, Viola
6) EL COLIBRÍ – CHRISTIAN VÁSQUEZ (2009) (Chile) 15 min. Johannes Haase, Violín
Pablo Jivotovschii, Violín Martín Devoto, Violonchelo Diego Ruiz, Piano.

Ramiro Flores (sax)
Gustavo Musso (sax)
Lucio Balduini (guitar)
Cirilo Fernández (piano)
Daniel Pipi Piazzolla (drums)
Mariano Sívori (contrabass).
At Virasoro Bar – 21.30 hs

Thursday 21 March
Ramiro Flores (sax)
Mauricio Dawid (contrabass)
atricio Carpossi (guitar)
Sergio Verdinelli drums)
At Virasoro Bar , 21.30 hs

Friday 22 March
1- John Cage: Conference For 4 voices
Voices: Adriana de los Santos, Pablo Andralis, Agustín Genoud, Alex Elgier.
2- Sonido giratorios.
Carolina Rizzi: piano
Dante Tkatch: guitar/ bass
Sam Nacht: sax
Rocío Candela Pérez Belarra: arpa paraguaya ( harp)
Víctor Grinenco: violín
Manuel Briante: guitar / objects
At Centro Nacional de la Música, México 564, 20.00 hs

SESIONES 5TO PISO ( experimental )
federico barabino ( no input mixer )
destructura : conde / perales ( saxophones/ prepared guitar )
sergio merce ,saxophones and microtonal sax
ROM ( etcheverry , electronics / grandoso, electronics )
At Libertad al 500 20.30 hs

Tatiana Castro Mejía (piano) –
Ada Rave (saxophones)
At Virasoro Bar , after midnight show 00.30 hs

Sunday 24 , March
PREMA ( free jazz / experimental )
SERGIO PAOLUCCI: soprano, alto,tenor,saxophones Harmonica,voice
FERNANDO POSSE: E. 5 stringed Bass , Contrabass
LEANDRO KALÉN: E. Bass ,Keyboards,laptop,Voice
LUCAS SOFÍA: drums, marimba,bolon.
At Che Flores , Arce 235 , 21.00 hs

Tatiana Castro Mejía (piano) –
Ada Rave (saxophones)
At sheldon , Guatemala 4969 21.00 hs