AMN Reviews: Laura J. Martin & Mike Lindsay – Bónus Skór (Static Caravan)

Bónus Skór is a shoe shop in Reykjavik, above which Laura J. Martin and Mike Lindsay stumbled into recording a four-tack EP on the coattails of her debut full-length, “The Hangman´s Tree”. Originally intending to make a few simple demos for Martin´s coming album, they ended up embedding Martin´s sweet, Lambchop voice in lush, full technicolour. Cheeky Celtic-tinged pop and/or folk as flippantly experimental as it is endearing and entertaining. Like a wagon that got separated from the rest of the Renaissance Fair and ended up at a radiophonic workshop in the Land of Oz.

Martin also plays flute, piano, mandolin, recorder, piccolo, clarinet and synthesizer, while Lindsay (Tunng/ Cheek Mountain Thief) mainly plays guitar and joins her to duet on “Fish´s Tail”. Local girl Lára Sóley Jóhannsdóttir adds extra body on violin and each track is linked by Icelandic cafe chit-chat. UK beatmaker Benge helped in the final production duties and I wonder if a few of the electronic zaps might not have come from his equipment. Impish and not a little wonky, especially “Salt Hangs Heavy”, but also fresh and friendly. Closing with the spangly, bangly “Applecart”, Martin marches a parade out of town wearing ruby red shoes.

Stephen Fruitman

AMN Reviews: Zeena Parkins and the Adorables – The Adorables

adorable4by Dan Coffey

Zeena Parkins and the Adorables – The Adorables (Cryptogramophone CG147)

Superlatives would fail me here if I were to resort to them. So I won’t say that this is the career-defining Zeena Parkins recording. Or that this album takes the best of her compositional skills and harp prowess (you can hear shades of Ursa’s Door as well as hints of the beauty of her playing as far back as the News from Babel albums with Chris Cutler and Lindsay Cooper), and places them alongside young musicians who are as clued in to her unique vision as anyone could hope to be.

I’m talking about percussionist Shayna Dunkelman and electronics manipulator Preshish Moments, who, along with Parkins, form Zeena Parkins and the Adorables. This band seems to have achieved an empathy that none of Parkins’ other groups has ever quite achieved (though, of course, her longtime collaboration with Ikue Mori is a different story).

What strikes the ear in the first few minutes of the opening track — the crazy quilt tour de force “Constructed” — is how polished and at the same time fresh the recording sounds. What follows, and lasts through the whole album, is the astonishing melding of Parkins’ and Dunkelman’s playing — usually only slightly electrified harp and vibraphone, respectively, and the incongruous electronic interjections made by Moments which are the ingredients that shouldn’t work, but do anyway.

Nothing stays the same for very long in any track on the Adorables album, but it’s not for lack of attention span. The quick changes from intricate composition to improvisational noise (an AMM comparison would not be far off the mark when describing the middle section of “Raking”), are key to Parkins’ aesthetic, but never more fully realized than here, on The Adorables.

Grisey / Globokar Performances in LA

Vinko Globokar
Vinko Globokar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Monday Evening Concerts:

Monday, March 18, 2013 at 8:00 p.m.
Zipper Concert Hall at the Colburn School
The Black of the Star

Surrounding the audience, six percussionists play pulsing rhythms at different speeds on different instruments, creating an elaborate machinery of sound. Signaling to each other, signaling to us, they are also preparing for the arrival of rhythms from outer space: the pulsations of rapidly rotating neutron stars known as “pulsars.” After that, the musicians make music with the stars. In this rarely performed panoply of sound and time, Gérard Grisey took a moment off from spectral music to work with another fundamental, that of rhythm. Steven Schick returns to Monday Evening Concerts with his crack ensemble red fish blue fish.

Gérard Grisey Le Noir de l’Etoile
Vinko Globokar Toucher
red fish blue fish
Steven Schick DIRECTOR

DMG Newsletter March 15th, 2013

English: William Basinski live. Polski: Willia...
English: William Basinski live. Polski: William Basinski. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From DMG:

Steve Coleman & Five Elements! Peter Evans/John Hevert/Kassa Overall! Janet Feder! Method of Defiance (Bill Laswell/Toshinori Kondo/Bernie Worrell] DVD! Merzbow/Mats Gustafsson! Sven-Ake Johansson/Lars Greve/August Rosenbaum!

David Schnugg & the City V! Krallice [Mick Barr/Colin Marston] 2 LP Set! Prurient! Christian Fennesz Box! Spiritual Jazz Vol. 4! Sun City Girls! William Basinski & Richard Chartier! Jakob Ullmann! Adam Bohman! Klaus Schulze & Gunter Schickert! Sensations’ Fix! Brainstorm! Lee Hazelwood!


The DMG Free Weekly In-Store Performance Series Continues in 2013 With:

Sunday, March 17th Double-Header:

Sunday, March 24th Double-Header:
6pm: ROSS HAMMOND & CATHERINE SIKORA – Guitar & Tenor Sax!
7pm: KYOKO KITAMURA & ANN RHODES – Perform Vocal Music of Anthony Braxton!

Sunday, March 31st Double-Header:
7pm: SEAN ALI & JAKE HENRY – Acoustic Bass & Trumpet!

Sunday, April 7th:

Sunday, April 14th:

Sunday, April 21st Double-Header:
6pm: DAVE ROSS – Guitar!
7pm: ELLIOTT LEVIN & DENIS BEURET – Philly Reeds/Poet & Swiss Trombonist!

Sunday, April 28th Double-Header:
6pm: LEO CIESA – Solo Drums!
7pm: JESSE DULMAN & JASON CANDLER – Tuba & Alto Sax with Electronics!

Sunday, May 5th Double-Header:
6pm: MICHAEL LYTLE – Solo Bass Clarinet!
7pm: DOMINIC FRAGMAN – Solo Drums!



March 13, 2013
Lotte Anker & Gerald Cleaver, JACK
Gerald Cleaver Lotte Anker

March 13, 2013
Lotte Anker Tim Berne Gerald Cleaver William Parker, JACK
Gerald Cleaver Lotte Anker Tim Berne William Parker

March 10, 2013
Ingrid Laubrock’s Anti-House, Antoniuskapelle, St Johann in Tirol
Ingrid Laubrock Kris Davis Mary Halvorson Sean Conly Tom Rainey

March 10, 2013
Savina Yannatou & Barry Guy, Antoniuskapelle, St Johann in Tirol
Barry Guy Savina Yannatou

March 9, 2013
Aurora Trio, Alte Gerberei, St Johann in Tirol
Agusti Fernandez Barry Guy Ramon Lopez

March 9, 2013
Barry Guy New Orchestra Workshop, Alte Gerberei, St Johann in Tirol
Agusti Fernandez Barry Guy Evan Parker Hans Koch Herb Robertson Johannes Bauer Jürg Wickihalder Maya Homburger Paul Lytton Raymond Strid

March 9, 2013
Fire!, Alte Gerberei, St Johann in Tirol
Andreas Werliin Johan Berthling Mats Gustafsson

March 9, 2013
Kracher, Alte Gerberei, St Johann in Tirol
Angelica Castello Burkhard Stangl Jerome Noetinger Mario De Vega

March 8, 2013
Digital Primitives, Alte Gerberei, St Johann in Tirol
Assif Tsahar Chad Taylor Cooper-Moore

March 8, 2013
Evan Parker & Zlatko Kaučič, Alte Gerberei, St Johann in Tirol
Evan Parker Zlatko Kaučič

March 8, 2013
Hans Koch Solo, Alte Gerberei, St Johann in Tirol
Hans Koch

March 8, 2013
Isabelle Duthoit John Tilbury Franz Hautzinger, Alte Gerberei, St Johann in Tirol
Franz Hautzinger Isabelle Duthoit John Tilbury