Newsbits: Davies, Durgan, and Chalmers / Donald Byrd / Hannafin in Portland / Zs in Orlando

Up with Donald Byrd
Up with Donald Byrd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rhodri Davies, Mark Durgan, and Stuart Chalmers will play at Café Kino, 108 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3RU on Thursday 21st March 2013.

The Times Standard has an article on Donald Byrd, who recently released recordings of his 1960’s avant-garde works.

Matt Hannafin and Highland Council appear at Portland’s Revival Drum Shop, 1465 NE Prescott, on March 6th.

Tiny Waves, Accidental Music Festival and CM5 present Zs solos: Diamond Terrifier (Sam Hillmer), Guardian Alien (Greg Fox) and Higgins (Patrick Higgins) at Lil’ Indies (next to Will’s Pub), 1036 N. Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803 on March 18th.