Even more Shows in New York This Week

DREAM ZOO (Photo credit: IntangibleArts)

From New York’s thesupercoda:

Wednesday, February 20th at Spectrum: A Birthday Celebration and Concert Culminating in an Potentially Improvised Rendition of Peter and the Wolf.
8p @ 121 Ludlow st., buzz 2
The inimitable Jeff Young hosting and interluding a violin thingy.

Kurva Choir – Intimate, improvised chamber orchestra. Formerly known as Kirtan Choir, and The C.J. Boyd Sextet, Kurva Choir is based on the principle of intense listening and radical intimacy through music.

Swirm- the duo project of David Grollman and Brad Henkel. Sexpect scraping, silliness, and moments of abhorrent truth to the tune of trumpet and snare drum.

Natti Vogel – Combining “the swagger of Jim Morrison with the honky-tonk piano of an old-timey saloon” (WeLiveInBeijing.com), barely legal “indie rock fusion virtuoso” (New York Press) Natti Vogel is not above “throwing your own overpriced cosmopolitan in your face from behind his piano” (the Onion).

Rebecca Patek – Rebecca Patek is a New York based choreographer and performer creating work that is a synthesis of dance, theater and comedy. Patek is currently an Artist in Residence at Movement Research.

Ryan Krause – RYAN KRAUSE is a composer and improviser concerned with the freedom and chaos brought about through intense focus and the control of structure. Described as “cheerfully absurd” by the Boston Globe, Ryan’s works range from densely notated and highly structured solo and chamber pieces to a variety of open-form, intuitive, and graphic-based compositions. He is the proprieter of 109 Gallery.

Valerie Will Narrate an improvised version of Peter and the Wolf, played by the evening’s performers!!

Sunday, February 24th at The Panoply Performance Laboratory:
Kitten Videos Streaming ALL NIGHT LONG
8p @ 104 Meserole st. in Williamsburg
Household Tales – If Edward Hopper and Edward Gorey played a game of Scrabble and it turned into a lost child, they would name it Household Tales. With William Lea and David Redbranch on guitars/vocals, Sean Ali on bass, Tim Shortle on drums.

Theodore Robinson – aka Leland Wulff aka Suspensers, pusher of the finest acid-country tunes heard in an age, plus a damn fine performer to boot.

The Resident Artists of PPL (Brian McCorkle, Esther Neff, B.J. Dini, Simon Seapony, Valerie Kuehne –

Michael Durek – NYC’s favorite theremin-toting-festival-organizing-cosmic-collaborator weaving a saucy blend of pulsitile, structured, yet free electronic music making use of synths, theremins, and sampled sounds recorded from Durek’s everyday life

Matt Dallow – outlaw accordionist busker extraordinaire, the heavens will rattle, and you may need another drink for this one.

Raymond Todd – Poetry

Dave Treut does Something

A contortion dance by the Amazing Amy – http://www.reverbnation.com/amazingamycontortionistuniqueyogadancer


2/26, 8p @ CultureFix: A living Gallery curated by PPL and The Super Coda
2/27, 8p @ The Panoply Performance Laboratory: Personality Swap no. 3. A curated installment of the swap feat. performances/submissions by Miles Pflanz, The Sneaky Mister, Carrie-Anne Murphy, Gelsey Bell, Alyson Greenfield, Adam Matlock, Baxton Alexander, Valerie Kuehne
3/1, 8p @ CultureFix: I will perform as part of Ventiko’s Performance Anxiety Series


2/21 – Kettle Corn Music, 7p
2/22 – Spectrum Final Friday Dance Party feat. Blarvuster – 8p
2/24 – Trevor Saint/Jeff Herriot, works for glockenspiel and electronics
2/28 – International Street Cannibals, 8p–
3/1 – Hans Tammen, guitar/ Denman Marony, piano, 7p

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