Free Jazz Blog Reviews

English: Sam Rivers
English: Sam Rivers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Free Jazz:

Sean Moran‘s Small Elephant Band -Tusk (NCM, 2013) ****
Paul Dunmall, Han-Earl Park, Mark Sanders – Birmingham, 02–15–11 (Bandcamp, 2013) ****
Nilsson/Fonda/Nilsson – Powers (Konnex, 2013) ****
Dylan Ryan’s Sand – Sky Bleached (Cuneiform, 2013) ****
Eric Hofbauer – American Grace (Creative Nation Music, 2013) ****
Various – I Never Meta Guitar Too (solo guitars for the XXI Century) (Clean Feed, 2012) ****
Matt Turner/Hal Rammel – Fractures and Phantoms (Penumbra Music, 2013) ***½
Oles Brothers – Fragments & Moments (Self released, 2012) ****½
David Liebman & Ellery Eskelin: Non Sequiturs (Hatology, 2012) ****
Trio M- The Guest House (Cryptogramophone, 2012) ****
Sam Rivers – Reunion: Live in New York (Pi Recordings, 2012) *****
Spill – Fluoresce (Monotype Records, 2012) ****

Even more Shows in New York This Week

DREAM ZOO (Photo credit: IntangibleArts)

From New York’s thesupercoda:

Wednesday, February 20th at Spectrum: A Birthday Celebration and Concert Culminating in an Potentially Improvised Rendition of Peter and the Wolf.
8p @ 121 Ludlow st., buzz 2
The inimitable Jeff Young hosting and interluding a violin thingy.

Kurva Choir – Intimate, improvised chamber orchestra. Formerly known as Kirtan Choir, and The C.J. Boyd Sextet, Kurva Choir is based on the principle of intense listening and radical intimacy through music.

Swirm- the duo project of David Grollman and Brad Henkel. Sexpect scraping, silliness, and moments of abhorrent truth to the tune of trumpet and snare drum.

Natti Vogel – Combining “the swagger of Jim Morrison with the honky-tonk piano of an old-timey saloon” (, barely legal “indie rock fusion virtuoso” (New York Press) Natti Vogel is not above “throwing your own overpriced cosmopolitan in your face from behind his piano” (the Onion).

Rebecca Patek – Rebecca Patek is a New York based choreographer and performer creating work that is a synthesis of dance, theater and comedy. Patek is currently an Artist in Residence at Movement Research.

Ryan Krause – RYAN KRAUSE is a composer and improviser concerned with the freedom and chaos brought about through intense focus and the control of structure. Described as “cheerfully absurd” by the Boston Globe, Ryan’s works range from densely notated and highly structured solo and chamber pieces to a variety of open-form, intuitive, and graphic-based compositions. He is the proprieter of 109 Gallery.

Valerie Will Narrate an improvised version of Peter and the Wolf, played by the evening’s performers!!

Sunday, February 24th at The Panoply Performance Laboratory:
Kitten Videos Streaming ALL NIGHT LONG
8p @ 104 Meserole st. in Williamsburg
Household Tales – If Edward Hopper and Edward Gorey played a game of Scrabble and it turned into a lost child, they would name it Household Tales. With William Lea and David Redbranch on guitars/vocals, Sean Ali on bass, Tim Shortle on drums.

Theodore Robinson – aka Leland Wulff aka Suspensers, pusher of the finest acid-country tunes heard in an age, plus a damn fine performer to boot.

The Resident Artists of PPL (Brian McCorkle, Esther Neff, B.J. Dini, Simon Seapony, Valerie Kuehne –

Michael Durek – NYC’s favorite theremin-toting-festival-organizing-cosmic-collaborator weaving a saucy blend of pulsitile, structured, yet free electronic music making use of synths, theremins, and sampled sounds recorded from Durek’s everyday life

Matt Dallow – outlaw accordionist busker extraordinaire, the heavens will rattle, and you may need another drink for this one.

Raymond Todd – Poetry

Dave Treut does Something

A contortion dance by the Amazing Amy –


2/26, 8p @ CultureFix: A living Gallery curated by PPL and The Super Coda
2/27, 8p @ The Panoply Performance Laboratory: Personality Swap no. 3. A curated installment of the swap feat. performances/submissions by Miles Pflanz, The Sneaky Mister, Carrie-Anne Murphy, Gelsey Bell, Alyson Greenfield, Adam Matlock, Baxton Alexander, Valerie Kuehne
3/1, 8p @ CultureFix: I will perform as part of Ventiko’s Performance Anxiety Series


2/21 – Kettle Corn Music, 7p
2/22 – Spectrum Final Friday Dance Party feat. Blarvuster – 8p
2/24 – Trevor Saint/Jeff Herriot, works for glockenspiel and electronics
2/28 – International Street Cannibals, 8p–
3/1 – Hans Tammen, guitar/ Denman Marony, piano, 7p

NOTE – for those of you that know and love Goodbye Blue Monday as I do, they have launched an indie go-go campaign to fund essential repairs and new projects. Check it out. Donate.

No Idea Festival 2013

The No Idea Festival 2013 takes place tonight and the next few nights across Austin and San Antonio. You can find a preview here.

2/20 San Antonio
7pm – 9pm / $5 suggested donation
Southwest School of Art
300 Augusta Street (map)
First set
Dafne Vicente-Sandoval
Xavier Lopez
Second set

IMG_6187 (Photo credit: tedviens)

Bryan Eubanks
Third set
Bonnie Jones
Misha Marks
Chris Cogburn
The opening night in San Antonio will focus on the use of new media, and feature seven artists from around the world whose work encompasses the re-purposing of existing technologies and the building of new instruments from raw materials.

2/21 Austin
8pm – 12am / $8 – $15 sliding scale
The Performance Loft
805 Congress Ave (map)
First set
Jonathan Horne
Misha Marks
Second set
Catherine Lamb and Bryan Eubanks present a series of pieces commissioned especially for No Idea 2013 featuring Austin ensemble Lunch Money — Bob Hoffnar, Aaron Allen, Chris Cogburn.
Third set
Alvin Fielder
Damon Smith
Remi Álvarez
The opening night in Austin places focus on gradations in composition and improvisation with sets ranging from commissioned compositions to first-time freely improvised meetings. Come celebrate our 10th year anniversary in the special ambiance of The Performance Loft in downtown Austin. Libations and catered hors d’œuvres provided by Tito’s Vodka, Saint Arnold Brewery, id soda, Emily’s Catering, East Side Pies, and others…

2/22 Austin
8pm – 12am / $8 – $15 sliding scale
The Museum Of Human Achievement
First set
Bonnie Jones
Second set
Sandy Ewen
Damon Smith
Third set
Catherine Lamb
Bryan Eubanks
Fourth set
Alvin Fielder
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten
Milo Tamez
Misha Marks

2/23 Austin
8pm – 12am / $8 – $15 sliding scale
The Museum Of Human Achievement
First set
Lunch Money
Chris Cogburn
Bob Hoffnar
Aaron Allen
Second set
Dafne Vicente-Sandoval
Xavier Lopez
Bonnie Jones
Third set
Bryan Eubanks
Maggie Bennett
Fourth set
Milo Tamez
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten
Remi Álvarez

2/24 San Antonio
Presented by heavy Denim
6pm / $10
Hot Wells
5503 S Presa St (map)
First set
A site-specific installation/ performance featuring:
Bonnie Jones
Catherine Lamb
Dafne Vicente-Sandoval
Chris Cogburn
Misha Marks
Xavier Lopez
Second set
Site of sight program:
Rick Reed
w/ film by Ken Jacobs
Bryan Eubanks
Maggie Bennett
Third set
Milo Tamez
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten
Remi Álvarez
The closing night of No Idea 2013 presents three different programs, each utilizing the dynamic architectural space of the Hot Wells; the remnants of a turn of the century resort in central San Antonio. Libations provided by Saint Arnolds and hors d’œuvres provided by culinary virtuosos Justin Parr and Misha Marks.

This Week in Buenos Aires

undergroun fotoFrom Buenos Aires,su Nueva Musica:

Wednesday 20 February

Hernan Jacinto , keys
Miguek Tarzia , guitar
Sergio Vedinelli , drums
Mariano Otero , Contrabass
At Thelonius club , Salguero 1884 21.30 hs

Thursday 21 February
Carrie Schneider y Cecilia Lopez : “Burning House”
Video+ Live experimental music
Cecilia Lopez , Music for Steel plates
Guests : Manuel Sahores , Lobi Meis: saxophones , Carmen Baliero : piano
Carrie Schneider videos
At Galería Alberto Sendrós – Pasaje Tres Sargentos 359 , 20.00 Hs

JUAN BAYON TRIO ( free/new jazz)
Juan Bayon , contrabass
Lucas Goicoechea, saxophones
Francisco Cossavella , drums
At La Playita Rossetti 722 , 21.30 hs

Friday 22 February

RAVE / MEJIA DUO –free jazz
Ada Rave saxophones
Tati Castro Mejia, piano
Moser , saxophones
Mandelmann , drums
Kirszner , contrabass
At La medianera , 21 hs

NICOLAS CHIENTAROLI 4TET ( free jazz /ornette and monk revisited )
Nico Chientaroli , Piano
Enrique Norris, trumpet
Guillermo Roldán , Bass
Sebastian Groshaus ,Drums
At Sheldon ,Honduras 4969, 21.30Hs

Francisco Salgado (trombone)
Ivan Viaggio (contrabass)
Hernán Rodríguez (drums).
At Virasoro Bar , Guatemala 4328 after midnight show 00.45 hs

Saturday 23 February

Rodrigo Dominguez , saxophones
Leo Cejas, contrabass
Ernesto Jodos, piano
Carto Brandan , drums
aT Thelonius club, Salguero 1884 , 21.30 hs

Upcoming New York Shows

Drummer Whit Dickey performing at the world pr...

From the Vision Festival people:

March- Evolving Music UpGrade 3. 20:13

WHAT: 4 days Friday & Saturday Nights, Sunday Afternoon Family Friendly (kids do live action drawing) & Monday Evening Evolutions
– all showcasing the best un-compromised avantjazz in NYC
featuring: Bern Nix Quartet & Blood Trio // Joe McPhee Solo & Charles Gayle Trio / Sunday afternoon with Kyoko Kitamura‘s Moving Music Ensemble & Jessica Jones Quartet / Monday Evolved Stephen Gauci Quartet & 4 Women w/ an Ax to Grind & Yuko Fuijama Trio

WHEN: The first weekend of March – Friday 1st through Monday 4th
Friday and Saturday: 2 sets, 9PM & 10:30
Sunday: kid friendly concerts – 2 sets, 2PM & 3PM Bring your drawing materials then meet the artists
Monday: 3 sets 7:30/ 8:30 /9:30 check out evolutions in Music

WHERE: Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center
107 Suffolk Street – Near Delancey

FRIDAY MAR 1ST @ The Kabayitos Theater, 2nd fl.

8PM: Bern Nix Quartet
Bern Nix – guitar
Francois Grillot – bass
Matt Lavelle – trumpet
Reggie Sylvester – drums

9.30PM: Blood Trio
Sabir Mateen – sax
Michael Bisio – bass
Whit Dickey – drums

SATURDAY MAR 2ND @ The Kabayitos Theater, 2nd fl.

8PM: Joe McPhee Solo
Joe McPhee – trumpet, sax

9.30PM Charles Gayle Trio
Charles Gayle – tenor sax, bass
Larry Roland – bass
Michael TA Thompson – drums

SUNDAY Afternoon MARCH 3RD @ The Kabayitos Theater, 2nd fl.

2PM: Kyoko Kitamura’s Moving Music Ensemble
Khabu Doug Young – guitar, ukulele
Andrew Drury – drums, percussion
Kyoko Kitamura – voice, other instruments

3PM: Jessica Jones Quartet
Jessica Jones – tenor sax
Tony Jones – tenor sax
Special guests TBA

MONDAY MARCH 4TH @ The LES Gallery, 1st fl.

7:30PM: Stephen Gauci Quartet
Stephen Gauci – tenor sax, compositions
Nick Demopoulos – Smomid (String Modeling Midi Device)
Adam Lane – bass
Jeremy Carlstedt – drums

8:30PM: 4 Women with an Ax to Grind
Patricia Nicholson – voice, dance
Kris Davis – piano
Tiffany Chang – drums
guest Jean Cook – violin

9:30PM: Yuko Fujiyama Trio
Yuko Fujiyama – piano
Newman Taylor Baker – drums
Jennifer Choi – violin

Firehouse 12 Spring Schedule

Dave Douglas Quintet
Dave Douglas Quintet (Photo credit: El ZoteFunk)

From New Haven’s Firehouse 12:

03/15 :: Stephen Haynes: Pomegranate
03/22 :: Matthew Shipp Trio
03/29 :: Lisa Mezzacappa Trio featuring Fay Victor
04/05 :: Tomas Fujiwara and The Hookup
04/12 :: Conference Call: Fonda, Ullmann, Stevens, Schuller
04/19 :: Dan Tepfer and Ben Wendel Duo
04/26 :: Wayne Escoffery Quintet
05/03 :: Craig Taborn Trio
05/10 :: Jeremy Pelt Sextet
05/17 :: Armen Donelian Trio
05/24 :: Memorize the Sky: Matt Bauder, Aaron Siegel, Zach Wallace
05/31 :: Dave Douglas Quintet
06/14 :: Ches Smith and These Arches

John Cage’s ‘Apartment House 1776,’ at Avant Music Festival Reviewed


Often played simultaneously with “Renga,” a larger Cage work derived from 361 drawings by Thoreau, “Apartment House 1776” is meant to evoke the cultures and traditions present at the birth of independence through disparate musical statements and styles, mingled as if overheard from open windows in a modern apartment building. On Saturday afternoon the work’s festive intent was revived, when prominent New York musicians played it to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Avant Media, a New York nonprofit new-music organization directed by the composer Randy Gibson