AMN Reviews: Ernesto Rodrigues – Lisboa

Creative Sources cs232

This Creative Sources release offers a piquant blend of strings, percussion and electronics in a texture-driven assemblage of sound.

The five tracks presented here bring together Ernesto Rodrigues on viola, Guilherme Rodrigues on cello, Lisa Ullen on piano, D’Incise on laptop and objects, and Cyril Bondi on bass drum and objects. The focus is on sound-as-such as it arises from the collective blend of all five musicians, rather than on individual instrumental voices. At any given time high- and low-frequency drones overlap with dissonant long tones on the strings; slow piano chords emerge half-veiled from behind a hollow curtain of metallic sound; rattling metal punctuates the quiet thrum of an electronic foundation. The sound takes on an almost autonomous quality relative to its sources; one can enjoy listening in a state that brackets out external associations in favor of an immersion in the pure physicality of the subtle changes in dynamics and timbre.