Seaprog Festival This June In Seattle

Thinking Plague in 1998 From the left: Dave Ke...

Seaprog is a new festival celebrating the avant end of progressive rock.

Thinking Plague

Thinking Plague explores the frontiers where rock, folk, jazz and modern symphonic music meet. Through these explorations, the band has created “a genre of music unto itself, eclectically derivative in a bold way and spectacularly innovative in the old-fashioned sense of genuine originality” (Andy Watson – Journal Wired Summer/Fall 1990). Founded in 1982 by guitarist and composer Mike Johnson, and bassist, drummer and producer Bob Drake, the band has undergone numerous personnel changes, while members have performed with some of the leading avant-progressive artists in the world, including Présent, 5UUs, the Science Group, Hamster Theatre, Hughscore, Caveman Shoestore, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Peter Blegvad, Amy Denio, Janet Feder, Underground Railroad, Claudia Quintet, and others. Thinking Plague has released eight albums, including a live CD and a re-mastered re-release of their first two LPs on one CD, as well as contributions to various compilations. They were featured in the recent documentary Romantic Warriors II: Rock in Opposition, and they have performed at various major avant-progressive festivals in North America and Europe, including Rock In Opposition (France 2012), Gouveia Art Rock (Portugal 2008), MIMI (France 2000), NEARFest (USA 2000), ProgDay (USA, 1999) and others. Legendary Henry Cow drummer Chris Cutler said of Thinking Plague: “Every now and then a landmark group emerges. Thinking Plague in my opinion belongs in that category. Being an interesting group isn’t a matter of learning to imitate some favourite bands’ style, it’s having an original musical vision and the skills to bring it into being; it’s breaking new ground. That’s why Thinking Plague qualifies in my book.”

Hughscore Revisited

In 1995, influential bassist and composer Hugh Hopper started a fruitful collaboration with a group of American musicians calling themselves Caveman Shoestore. Blending the names, they released an album called Caveman Hughscore, and eventually settled on the name Hughscore, releasing two more albums. When Hopper died in 2009, he left behind a number of pieces that were intended for the Hughscore project, and we are proud to present some of the original members for the public debut of this music.


“Arcane, full of energy, beyond styles…”: so the music of Jolanda has been defined, “… when she plays, it looks like she’s conducting a little imaginary orchestra between her fingers and her voice”. Jolanda’s songs tell about inner landscapes, restless astronauts, mirror reflexes, faceless children, shadows, memories in a parade, nightmares and ghosts. On stage, always a few steps from Jolanda, is Demian Endian (guitar, arranger). Jolanda plays musical box, toy piano, kalimba and typewriter as well.


Moraine is an omnivorous Seattle-based instrumental quintet led by guitarist Dennis Rea and featuring violinist Alicia DeJoie, woodwind player James DeJoie, bassist Kevin Millard, and drummer Tom Zgonc. With its several writers and full complement of ace instrumentalists arrayed in striking combination, Moraine has built a reputation as one of the most electrifying and original instrumental rock bands anywhere, winning over listeners around the globe with its unique amalgam of art rock, forward-thinking jazz, world music, and more. Moraine has been enthusiastically received by audiences ranging from jazz aficionados to metalheads to progressive rock enthusiasts


Trimtab was started in Minneapolis, MN in 2001. The band was comprised of Jim Anton on bass, Tim Glenn on drums, and Jason Goessl on guitar. Trimtab is currently playing shows around Seattle and working on a new record at Parlour Trick Studios, due out in 2012. The new group features Phil Cali on bass and Brian Oppel on drums along with Jason Goessl on guitar. All compositions are inspired by the lectures, inventions, and architecture of R. Buckminster Fuller.

Monkey Bat

“Monkey” and “Bat” are two unrelated species that would not naturally be found inhabiting the same body. In the same way, the band Monkey Bat combines acoustic and electric, intense and beautiful, complex and simple into a kind of music that is all their own. With their first album, Springtime Love, in the can and expected to be released in the spring of 2013, they’re already at work on their second album.

Alex’s Hand

An experimental jazz rock collective based out of Seattle, Washington. And have been described as: “spiky punk funk”(the Stranger), “Equally unsettling and groovy, prime evidence for Alex’s Hand’s penchant for avant-pop experimentation.”(, and “the soundtrack to your fucked up drug trip.” (Seattle Weekly)


Dissonati is a Seattle-based prog-rock band, favoring the darker side of the genre, more Van Der Graaf Generator than Genesis, but really only like Dissonati. They released their debut CD, Reductio ad Absurdum, in 2012 to warm reviews in the progressive rock community.

Operation ID

Operation ID has been variedly called anything from “jazz” to “progressive rock” to “man rock” to “thought-rock” to the self-christened “bionic synth-pop.” What began as duets between members Ivan Arteaga (saxophone/clarinet) and Jared Borkowski (guitar) in a University of Washington basement quickly expanded to include Evan Woodle on drums and David Balatero on bass, playing improvisation-heavy, free jazz-influenced compositions. Rob Hanlon soon joined on keyboards. With their current lineup complete, Operation ID oriented themselves toward a more through-composed musical landscape, transitioning from a purely instrumental outfit into one that more and more incorporates solo and group vocals by all five members of the band. Their first album, Legs, released on Table & Chairs, reflects the changes that have occurred throughout the entirety of Operation ID’s first two years of existence. The album more than hints at the band’s current direction. As Operation ID continues to compose and rehearse new music to play in their frequent Seattle-area shows, their fanbase and music horizons both continue to grow.


Although Zhongyu, the band, is relatively new to the world, its seeds stretch back several decades. It started as a recording project for the compositions of Jon Davis, which defy categorization by combining qualities of progressive rock, jazz, space rock, chamber music, and Asian traditional music. These compositions are the result of years of listening to challenging music, and strive to present balance: between complexity and simplicity, noise and silence, beauty and terror, energy and calm.