Coming to the Kerrytown Concert House

American Jazz musician and composer Mat Maneri.
American Jazz musician and composer Mat Maneri. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Ann Arbor’s Kerrytown Concert House:

Friday February 15 8PM
Kris Davis Quintet

Kris Davis, piano/composer
Mat Maneri, viola
Ingrid Laubrock, saxophone
Trevor Dunn, bass
Tom Rainey, drums
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Kris Davis has quickly grown to become a vital contributor to New York’s jazz scene. The New York Times recently included her in an article about four pianists titled ‘New Pilots at the Keyboard’ and says ‘Over the last couple of years in New York one method for deciding where to hear jazz on a given night has been to track down pianist Kris Davis.’

Tuesday February 19 8PM
Michael Musillami Trio

Mike Musillami, guitar
Joe Fonda, bassist
George Schuller, drums

“Musillami’s trio, his alliance with his longtime friends and collaborators, bassist Joe Fonda and drummer George Schuller, is a superb, finely tuned unit, empathetic, swinging and dramatically expressive of emotions sweeping from joy to sadness,” explains the Hartford Courant’s Owen McNally in his recent feature article. “More impressive than longevity, however, is the trio’s remarkably tight, cohesive unity. Nurtured by Musillami’s celebratory music, the band functions as a musical family, a democratic clan in which everyone expresses himself.”