DarkMatterHalo + (Yet…) Another Plane at Symphony Space in March

From New York’s Symphony Space:

Sat, Mar 2 at 8 pm
Leonard Nimoy Thalia at Symphony Space

DarkMatterHalo is a new group consisting of three of the most adventurous New York musicians: guitarist Doug Wieselman, Brandon Ross, and the sound designer Hardedge. Highly unorthodox instrumentation, and artists who together create music that is fresh, bold, challenging, and uncompromising.  (Yet…) Another Plane, an incredible group that balances effortlessly between composition and improvisation, between the known elements, and those unknown. Brandon Ross (acoustic guitar, banjo, taisho harp); Stephanie Richards (trumpets); and Hardedge (sound design) dive deep into the mysterious world of sound, stretching its boundaries to the max.

Both concerts (audio, as well as video) may be recorded, and the aim is to release the music on two separate CDs or on vinyl.