AMN Reviews: Brian Groder and Tonino Miano – FluiDensity

Brian Groder and Tonino Miano: FluiDensity [Impressus Records]

FluiDensity finds Italian-born pianist Tonino Miano in the congenial company of New York trumpeter Brian Groder. This isn’t Miano’s first piano/trumpet duet; 2009’s Curvature of Pace found him collaborating with trumpeter Mirio Cosottini. While the earlier release explored textural improvisation and extended technique, FluiDensity remains more within the realm of conventional sound creation, with a focus on complex phrasing and an expansive tonality. Its harmonic vocabulary is drawn equally from recent art music and advanced jazz.

The CD opens energetically with Optika, a contrapuntal improvisation in which Groder introduces a descending semitone motif that provides the backbone of the piece. Depth of Field takes a different tack, with cascading piano contrasting with slow, long notes from the trumpet, and ensemble passages broken up by solo intervals for both Groder and Miano. The complex Phase Shift opens with a subdued and subtle call-and-response before Miano’s ever-mutating support shifts the frame around Groder’s trumpet, allowing it to be heard from different harmonic, and hence emotional, perspectives. Wiser Counter Clock is a minor key waltz that changes to a two-beat pulse in sometimes radically different tempi, while the set closes with the lovely Pas de Deux, a reflective piece in which Miano seems to allude indirectly to Debussy.

Throughout the disc Groder’s trumpet is fluid and lyrical, with a rounded, singing tone. Miano’s sound can be finely splintered as it explores the outer edges of atonal clusters. But it can also verge on a Monkish bop at times, especially on a piece like Inclination, with its half-step movement and exuberantly fractured swing.

Overall, this is a fine and cohesive collection of duets.

Oberlin Conservatory Plays at DiMenna Center and Carnegie Reviewed


Friday’s concert featured the Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble, conducted by Timothy Weiss, and members of ICE. Ms. Chase was joined by another flutist, Alexa Still, in “Altar of Two Serpents,” by Mario Diaz de León, an engaging work that lived up to its title with eerie, serpentine lines coiled in interlocking patterns. In his 2010 piece “alphabeta” Eric Wubbels meshes unpitched percussion sounds with pitched piano timbres, producing a colorful dialogue.

ShapeShifter Lab in the Rest of January and All of February

Uri Caine
Uri Caine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Selected shows from Brooklyn’s ShapeShifter Lab:

Jan 25

Sirius + Caine — “String Theories”
8:00p and 9:30p

Sirius Quartet
Fung Chern Hwei, violin I; Gregor Huebner, violin II; Ron Lawrence, viola; Jeremy Harman, cello
Featuring Uri Caine, piano/composition

Jan 28

Jim Black Trio w/ Chris Tordini & Teddy Klausner, plus special guest Tim Berne
8:00p; 9:00p

Feb 3

Shayna Dulberger Triple Bill

7PM Jessica Pavone Solo
8PM Shayna Dulberger Quartet
9PM Matthew Shipp & Michael Bisio

Feb 5

Nels Cline – guitar
Teddy Klausner – Wurlitzer & oscillator guy
Jim Black – drums and sampler

Feb 8
Sebastien Ammann Quartet

Michael Attias (alto saxophone)
Sebastien Ammann (piano)
Noah Garabedian (bass)
Nathan Ellman-Bell (drums)

Feb 10
7:30p door
Curtis Hasselbring’s Number Stations

Curtis Hasselbring (trombone, guitar)
Chris Speed (tenor saxophone and clarinet)
Matt Moran (vibraphone)
Mary Halvorson (guitar)
Satoshi Takeishi (drums and percussion)
Jim Black (drums and percussion)
Chris Lightcap (bass)

Feb 21
The Alternative Guitar Festival

The Alternative Guitar Festival is a yearly confluence of some of the most unusual, creative guitarists of our time. The artists cross all style and genre. This year’s line up features a rare appearance by the great Wolfgang Muthspiel from Austria, in his first NYC performance in many years.

Elliott Sharp will present the premiere of Ile Tigre Lily, a tribute to Gyorgy Ligeti and Terry Reilly, two composers who were high among the pantheon of E#’s key influences. Ile Tigre Lily is composed for three electric guitars and will be performed by E# with Cristian Amigo and Angela Babin. It will be an algorithmic composition that mixes both predetermined material with instruction sets for the players. E# has worked with such systems for many years and there are links to methods employed by both Ligeti and Reilly.

Brandon Seabrook, feat. Justin Deblase (bass), and Allison Miller (drums) will play new songs for guitar trio influenced by the work of Marty Friedman and Captain Beefheart.

Guitarist and composer Andrew McKenna Lee performs his “Sunrise from the Bottom of the Sea” — a psychedelic homage to Jimi Hendrix for solo electric guitar and electronics — as well as other smaller works for solo nylon string guitar.

Joel Harrison will perform three brief pieces from his 1970 Project, which is dedicated to radical re-compositions of songs written in that watershed year, where jazz, rock, country, psychedelia, and minimalist new music were careening into simultaneous convection.

Muthspiel will perform improvisations on solo guitar, partially using loops. Early influences of classical music and later influences of improvisation and jazz will be equally present.

Feb 26
Ches Smith and These Arches
8:00p and 9:30p

Tim Berne–alto sax
Tony Malaby–tenor sax
Mary Halvorson–guitar
Andrea Parkins–accordion
Ches Smith–drums

Upcoming New York Shows

English: Leonard Cohen, during the Geneva conc...
English: Leonard Cohen, during the Geneva concert of the 2008 tour. Français : Leonard Cohen, durant le concert donné à Genève dans le cadre de sa tournée de 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

PERSONALITY SWAP AT PPL. Wednesday, January 23rd at 7p sharp. 104 Meserole st. in Williamsburg.

Valerie Kuehne will switch work with the following 5 artists: Natti Vogel, Matt Dallow, Krystal Grant,, Pat Muchmore, Lorene Bouboushian. They, in turn, will perform pieces of hers.

The Second installment of Slash and Burn at IV Soldiers. Thursday, January 24th at 8p. 184 Noll st.

Alongside Hiroshi Shafer and PPL (Esther Neff and Brian McCorkle) Valerie Kuehne will attempt a work of proper performance art that she have yet to attempt.

The Super Coda at Spectrum, the variety night experiment, night II. Friday, January 25th at 7p. 121 Ludlow st. buzz no. 2.

The evening begins with an open mic from 7-8. The audience may choose one of these participants to HOST the rest of the evening. At 8p the performances begin. This week features Nick Millevoi, Jeremiah Cymerman, Mara Rosenbloom/Matt Simon, Tuna Pase, and Joe Hertenstein’s HNH with Thomas Heberer and Pascal Niggenkemper. HOUSE BAND – Ryan Krause performs Leonard Cohen. He has all of his songs memorized.

Musique Machine Reviews

Mark Fell Live
Mark Fell Live (Photo credit: Non Event)

From Musique Machine:

Evil Moisture / Panicsville – Overdue (collaboration)
Unto Ashes – Burials Foretold
Burial Ground & Wet Dream Asphyxiation – House by the Cemetery
Stian Larsen & Jørn Erik Ahlsen – kÖök
Mark Fell – Attack On Silence(DVD)
En – Already Gone
Cory Strand – The Shining: A Reinterpretation
Lindskold – The Majesty of the Lidless Eye
Ephraim Wegner & Julia Weinmann – Eins bis Sechzehn



January 18, 2013
Ken Vandermark & Agusti Fernandez, The Stone
Agusti Fernandez Ken Vandermark

January 18, 2013
The Abstract Forrest Quartet, The Stone
Ben Hall Joachim Badenhorst Joe Morris Pascal Niggenkemper

January 14, 2013
Ingebrigt Haker Flaten Quartet, ShapeShifter Lab
Chris Corsano Ingebrigt Håker Flaten Joe McPhee Tristan Honsinger

January 13, 2013
GUSH, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo
Mats Gustafsson Paal Nilssen-Love Raymond Strid Sten Sandell

January 13, 2013
Lotte Anker Fred Frith Hild Sofie Tafjord, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo
Fred Frith Hild Sofie Tafjord Lotte Anker

January 12, 2013
Fred Frith Solo, Fabrikken, Oslo
Fred Frith

January 12, 2013
Heat Death, Fabrikken, Oslo
Dag Erik Knedal Andersen Kjetil Møster Martin Küchen Mats Äleklint Ola Høyer

January 12, 2013
Lasse Marhaug Helge Sten, Fabrikken, Oslo
Helge Sten Lasse Marhaug

January 12, 2013
Mike Maijkowski Inga Margrethe Aas Christian Meaas Johanesen Wilbert de Joode, Fabrikken, Oslo
Christian Meaas Johanesen Inga Margrethe Aas Mike Maijkowski Wilbert de Joode

January 12, 2013
Mikolaj Trzaska Mike Maijkowski Onno Govaert, Fabrikken, Oslo
Mike Maijkowski Mikolaj Trzaska Onno Govaert