SuperCoda Show Tonight at New York’s Spectrum

From the Spectrum:

The Super Coda is CHANGING CLOTHES. Behold a brand new berzerk a la-mazing technicolor dream coat of a form: the experimental variety show.

Here’s how it works: we open with an open mic at 7p sharp. everything is fair game (so long as it doesn’t make a mess or is too loud). Based on audience approval, you may have the opportunity to HOST the rest of the show. We’ll do a little vote at the end of the open mic and choose the performer we most want to see hosting the rest of the show.

At 8, the house band will begin. They’ll keep the evening moving with performances between each set. This week’s house band is PRESTER JOHN –
“An eclectic assortment of slipstream compositions touching on prog-tinged jazz, classical, manouche, and newgrass idioms. It’s a lot of fun!” – The Village Voice

The Performers (in order of appearance)

PASCALI – Sean Ali and Pascal Niggenkemper prepare their double bass-iz and make bamboozling, demanding, suspenseful and occasionally lyrical noises. Truly a sight to see.

JOHN WAGNER TRIO – featuring John Wagner himself on drums, Adam Lane on bass, and the masterful Nick Lyons on alto sax.

RYAN SNOW and MATT NELSON – a trombone and tenor sax duo fit to stun a hippo. Contemplative, exploratory, brassy.

DAVID GROLLMAN and MICHAEL EVANS – these two fellows will do ungodly things with drums. There may be pants, but maybe not. You will gasp, you will laugh, you will drool.

RYAN KRAUSE – creator of 109 Gallery – – mover and shaker and sincere vocal improvisor. His a cappella voice-sings will lure you into cave matter and cruise ships.