Newsbits: Wadada Leo Smith Project / Priester and Bennington Kickstarter / Avantwhatever Show in Australia / Sidony Box

Wadada Leo Smith
Wadada Leo Smith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wadada Leo Smith is asking for contributions to his project to add another chapter to Ten Freedom Summers, as well as an elaborate live performance.

Julian Priester and Jimmy Bennington has launched a Kickstarter project to fund a new recording, Blue Veils and Bright Stars.

Avantwhatever presents Mike Majkowski (Double Bass), Alice Hui-Sheng Chang & Jessie Scott (Vocals/Video), and Black Cracker (Jon Watts & Rishin Singh – Mixing Desk/Trombone), at 72a Shepherd St., Marrickville, Melbourne, Australia on Friday February 15.

French avant-garde music troupe Sidony Box have released their third album ‘Sidony Box Rules’.