Monsieur Délire Reviews

From Monsieur Délire:

WATT / Alter Egos (Creative Sources)
CHIMNEY LIQUOR / Chimney Liquor (eh?)
FRETLESS BROTHERS / Footsteps (Free Note Music)
SLOW LISTENER / The Long Rain (Exotic Pylon – merci à/thanks to Dense Promotion)
VALGEIR SIGURDSSON / Architecture of Loss (Bedroom Community)
ATOMIC BAOBAB / Le ViewMaster (Atomic Baobab)
JOHN STEVENS – PAUL RUTHERFORD – EVAN PARKER – BARRY GUY / one four and two twos (Emanem)
PASCALI / Suspicious Activity (Creative Sources)
NORMAL LOVE / Survival Tricks (Public Eyesore/ugEXPLODE)
ERGO PHIZMIZ / Eleven Songs (Care in the Community – merci à/thanks to Dense Promotion)
MARCUS RUBIO & BILL SHUTE / Only the Imprint of an Echo Remains (Kendra Steiner Editions)
CLOSE EMBRACE OF THE EARTH / At the Spirits Rejoice Festival 2004 (eh?)
FORTNER ANDERSON / Annunciations (Les Blocs errants)
MICHAEL BARRETT & MIKE GRIFFIN / Birtual Seme-Alabak (Kendra Steiner Editions)
WILLIE MCBLIND / Live Long Day (Free Note Music)