Memorial Service for David S. Ware Reviewed

David S. Ware, A World Of Sound
David S. Ware, A World Of Sound (Photo credit: pheezy)


The memorial — organized by his manager and producer, Steven Joerg, and his widow, Setsuko S. Ware — was a bittersweet confirmation of his legacy, in words and images but especially in music. Inevitably, it felt like a satellite distillation of the Vision Festival, an annual gathering built around the aesthetic that Mr. Ware championed and the artistic circle (and core audience) that he helped galvanize. Free improvisation, strenuous and illuminated, plays a crucial role in that aesthetic, and so it did here. What immediately followed the slide show was a duet consisting of the drummer Muhammad Ali, who played with Mr. Ware in recent years, and the alto saxophonist Darius Jones, who studied his example. They began prayerfully and built to a superheated trance, Mr. Jones rushing columns of air through his horn.