Evan Parker’s Might I Suggest Festival 2013 with ICP Orchestra

British saxophonist Evan Parker

British saxophonist Evan Parker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From London’s The Vortex Jazz Club:

After the great success of the January 2012 Might I Suggest festival, we are excited that the ICP Orchestra have accepted Evan Parker‘s invitation to be at the Vortex from 29 January 2013 to 2 February 2013. The first visit to London for 6 years of one of the most iconic groups in jazz. Originators of New Dutch Swing and in existence since 1967. The first 3 days will be collaborations with the UK friends and the last 2 nights will be with the whole band.


Tuesday January 29
1st set
Tristan Honsinger cello/Mary Oliver violin/John Russell guitar/Ernst Glerum bass
2nd set
Toby Delius saxophone/ Claude Deppa tpt (TBC)/Gail Brand trombone

Wednesday January 30
1st set
Michael Moore saxophone, clarinet/Alex McGuire piano/Ernst Glerum bass/ Mark Sanders drums
2nd set
duo, trio and quintet from
Wolter Wierbos trombone/Ab Baars saxophone,clarinet/Phil Minton voice/Alex Ward clarinet/Roger Turner drums

Thursday January 31
1st set
Han Bennink drums/Pat Thomas piano, electronics/Steve Beresford piano,electronics/John Coxon guitar
2nd set
Han Bennink drums/John Edwards bass/Evan Parker saxophone

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