Newsbits: K-Space / Fifty Artists Write About Their Work / Witches and Devils / Braxton, Braxton, Braxton

Italy’s Setola di Maiale has released Black Sky, the new live album from K-Space, that are Tim Hodgkinson, Ken Hyder and Gendos Chamzyryn.

Fifty Artists Write About Their Work is new book from the online arts magazine Bourgeon. The book compiles, in one place, the best articles from the magazine’s first five years. The book’s authors include fifty contemporary visual and performing artists, among whom are composer/musicians Daniel Barbiero and Jonathan Morris. The book is a project of the non-profit Day Eight. Bourgeon is a bridge-builder between contemporary artists and the general public, and a compliment to traditional arts journalism.

Chicago group Witches and Devils will honor the music of Albert Ayler tonight19.

The Washington City paper writes about how Anthony Braxton‘s recent DC performance, despite some walkouts, shows that the mainstream venues may be getting more open to weird music.  The Awl discusses Braxton and his label.  Speaking of said label, The Tri-Centric Foundation has released an official bootleg, Solo Carnegie Hall 1972.



December 15, 2012
Frode Gjerstad Trio, IBeam
Frode Gjerstad

December 15, 2012
Travis Laplante Quartet, IBeam
Mat Maneri Michael Formanek Randy Peterson Travis Laplante

December 12, 2012
Cactus Truck with Roy Campbell, JACK
Jasper Stadhouders John Dikeman Onno Govaert Roy Campbell

December 12, 2012
The Young Mothers, JACK
Frank Rosaly Ingebrigt Håker Flaten Jason Jackson Jawwaad Taylor Jonathan Horne Stefan Gonzalez

December 12, 2012
Zombi Jazz, JACK
Alex Hood Dan Stern Eric Silberberg Michael Foster

December 11, 2012
Christopher Alpiar Quartet, ShapeShifter Lab
Bob Meyer Christopher Alpiar Matt Pavolka Pete Rende

December 11, 2012
Eivind Opsvik’s Overseas, ShapeShifter Lab
Brandon Seabrook Eivind Opsvik Jacob Sacks Jeff Davis Tony Malaby

December 11, 2012
The Young Mothers, ShapeShifter Lab
Frank Rosaly Ingebrigt Håker Flaten Jason Jackson Jawwaad Taylor Jonathan Horne Stefan Gonzalez

This Week in Buenos Aires

From Buenos Aires,su Nueva Musica:

Wednesday 19 december

CAPITANES DE LA INDUSTRIA ( free rock – e jazz – experimental -R.I.O )
Lobi Meis sax & keys
Franco Fontanarrosa, electric bass + fx
Lulo Isod , drums
Gregorio Kazaroff , elctronic drums & cassette player
Wenchi Lazo guitar +f x
set II- free improv + guests
Un Lugar En Ortuzar , ALVAREZ THOMAS 1612 , 21.30 hs

Thursday 20 december

UNOxUNO+ guests ( free rock-experimental )
at centro de las artes ungs,roca 850 ,san miguel, Prov Buenos Aires 21 hs

ARGENTOS ( New jazz )
Richard Nant (trumpet & flugel)
Alan Plachta (guitar)
Carto Brandan (drums)
Ramiro Flores (saxophones)
Alvaro Torres (keyboards)
At Virasoro Bar, Guatemala 4326 , 21.30 Hs

Friday 21 Decmeber
NOWADAYS MUSIC ( Modern Classic )
Music by :
Valentín Pelisch, Diego Taranto, Federico Llach, Antonio Zimmerman, Francisco del Pino, Roberto Azaretto a.o.
Sergio Catalán,bass clarinet/ Bruno Mesz,pian , Luciano Giambastiani,clarinets / Mariano Malamud viola y Juan Carlos Figueiras.
At Facultad de Dercho derecho UBA , F. Alcorta 2263 19.00 hs

Patricio Carpossi (guitar)
ernán Merlo (contrabass)
Sergio Verdinelli (drums)
Luis Nacht (saxophones , composer)
At Virasoro Bar, Guatemala 4326 22.30 hs

NUÑEZ CUARTETO ( free jazz )
Ada Rave (tenor sax)
Pablo Díaz (drums)
Iván Viaggio (contrabass)
Rodrigo Nuñez (piano , composition)
At Virasoro Bar, Guatemala 4326 ,after midnight show

Saturday 22 December

Guillermo Klein (piano)
Richard Nant (Trumprt y percusion)
Sergio Verdinelli (drums)
Matias Mendez (bass)
Patricio Carpossi (guitar)
At Virasoro Bar, Guatemala 4326 22.30 hs

Nicolas Chientaroli (piano)
Maximiliano Kirszner (contrabass)
Mariano Moreira (drums).
At Virasoro Bar, Guatemala 4326 ,after midnight show

Barry Guy New Orchestra: Krakow, Poland, November 20-23, 2012 Reviewed

English: Barry Guy, Jazz bassist; Picture take...


From All About Jazz:


While a momentous event, this wasn’t the first time that bassist Barry Guy = 7303’s New Orchestra had taken up residence in Krakow, as it appeared there previously in November, 2010. Reprising that occasion, the orchestra broke down into small group sessions for the first three nights at Alchemia, while rehearsing during the day for the grand finale, a concert by the BGNO in the well-appointed auditorium of the nearby Manggha Museum on the concluding Friday night.


Musique Machine Reviews

Morricone at United Nations HQ
Morricone at United Nations HQ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Musique Machine:

Brett Naucke – The Vistor
BJ Nilsen & Stilluppst​eypa – Góða Nótt
Mind & Flesh – Martyr Generation
Mixturizer – Siete Patologias
João Castro Pinto – Panaural
Tutti I Colori Del Buio – II
Ein Skopudhr Gladra/Mistsorrow – Split CD
Crucifix Eye – Yokai
Ennio Morricone – Morricone In Colour
Gäap – The First Chapter
Ichtyor Tides – Mortisle Elytrion
Parallel 41 – Self Titled
PMajor Stars – Decibels of Gratitude