Charitable Giving in the AMN Music Space

With the holidays approaching, many of us think of to whom and to what organizations we should focus our charitable efforts. The AMN community, the organizations and people that show up on this site over and over, include many that accept donations.

I want to emphasize that this type of music is not a big-money business.  Many musicians and organizations scrape by or operate at a loss.  In the U.S., I’ve heard from numerous musicians who do not have full time jobs or health care insurance.  If you are fortunate enough to have the funds to contribute this holiday season, please consider donating to one of the following organizations.  Alternatively, when you attend a show that encourages donations, put in a few extra dollars if you can.  Or support a Kickstarter project.

I’m sure that the list below is far from complete. Feel free to add anything I missed via comments. Thanks.

Arts for Art (New York)
Nameless Sound (Houston)
Ars Nova Workshop (Philadelphia)
Roulette (New York)
Cafe Oto (London)
Lampo (Chicago)
Issue Project Room (New York)


2 thoughts on “Charitable Giving in the AMN Music Space

  1. From Chris Cutler, regrding donations to Lindsay (Lilly) Cooper, who has been suffering from health issues:

    “meantime the bassoonists club is still collecting for lilly cheques to ‘The Bassoonist Club’
    sent to:
    c/o Sarah Maude
    Quaker Cottage
    The High Street
    Somerset BA4 6HZ

    if that’s too complex or difficult with currencies, you can also send to ReR and we’ll send it on, just mark it clearly as BASSOONIST CLUB. and we’ll forward the money and your best wishes.”

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