Day: December 12, 2012

Charitable Giving in the AMN Music Space

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With the holidays approaching, many of us think of to whom and to what organizations we should focus our charitable efforts. The AMN community, the organizations and people that show up on this site over and over, include many that accept donations.

I want to emphasize that this type of music is not a big-money business.  Many musicians and organizations scrape by or operate at a loss.  In the U.S., I’ve heard from numerous musicians who do not have full time jobs or health care insurance.  If you are fortunate enough to have the funds to contribute this holiday season, please consider donating to one of the following organizations.  Alternatively, when you attend a show that encourages donations, put in a few extra dollars if you can.  Or support a Kickstarter project.

I’m sure that the list below is far from complete. Feel free to add anything I missed via comments. Thanks.

Arts for Art (New York)
Nameless Sound (Houston)
Ars Nova Workshop (Philadelphia)
Roulette (New York)
Cafe Oto (London)
Lampo (Chicago)
Issue Project Room (New York)

Touching Extremes Reviews

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From Touching Extremes:

ANDREW CHALK – Forty-Nine Views In Rhapsodies’ Wave Serene
JON MUELLER – Death Blues

Free Jazz Blog Reviews

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Deutsch: Joe McPhee beim Konzert mit dem Peter...

From Free Jazz:

Peter Brötzmann’s Chicago Tentet+1: Walk, Love, Sleep (Smalltown Superjazz, 2012) *****
Paradoxical Frog – Union (Clean Feed, 2012)
Joe McPhee‘s Po Music – The Loneliest Woman (Corbett vs Dempsey, 2012) ***
Dark Poetry (Creative Sources, 2012) ****½
Ron Miles – Quiver (Enja, 2012) ****½
Russell, Lonberg-Holm – Home (Peira, 2012)***
Mythic Birds – The Name By Which The World Knows Them (Peira, 2012)***½
Bear, Bertucci Duo – Controlled Burn (Peira, 2012) ***½
Naranjo, Stankova, Young Trio – Verdure Into Onyx (Peira, 2012) **½
Lonberg-Holm, Strid duo – Discus And Plumbing (Peira, 2012) ***½
Josh Berman & His Gang -There Now (Delmark, 2012) ***½
Mikołaj Trzaska Ircha Clarinet Quartet* ‎– Zikaron – Lefanay (Kilogram, 2012) *****

RIP Ravi Shankar

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English: Master of Sitar, Ravi Shankar. Deutsc...

Sitarist pioneer Ravi Shankar has passed away at age 92.

Best of 2012 Lists: Part One

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This is a survey of recent best-of lists that might be of interest:

The Awl

Derek Taylor


Dark Forces

Joseph Burnett