AMN Reviews: Catherine Lamb & Bryan Eubanks – Untitled #12 (After Agnes) (Sacred Realism)

Catherine Lamb and Bryan Eubanks´piece for “tuned white noise and sine tones” was inspired by the eponymous painting by Canadian-born American artist Agnes Martin (1912-2004), in which “nothing in particular stands out”. A pencil grid washed in grey, her thin lines are as spiritually inviting as Barnett Newman´s fat ones and Mark Rothko´s fluffy ones, challenging the notion of figurative art as representative of life as well as the perception of abstract art as a strictly two-dimensional exercise. In her barely-there matrices, Martin strove to open up infinity – “to be almost nothing until noticed”.

Lamb and Eubank´s audio interpretation, one second short of a full hour, is a stillness that is teeming. As opposed to the nonchalance meant to be shown ambient music, you should “stare” intently and deeply into this. You will fall down into it and then it is up to you if you will find your own way. You might find harmony, you might hear ultra-minimalist industrial music.

Stephen Fruitman