AMN Reviews: Catherine Lamb & Bryan Eubanks – Untitled #12 (After Agnes) (Sacred Realism)

Catherine Lamb and Bryan Eubanks´piece for “tuned white noise and sine tones” was inspired by the eponymous painting by Canadian-born American artist Agnes Martin (1912-2004), in which “nothing in particular stands out”. A pencil grid washed in grey, her thin lines are as spiritually inviting as Barnett Newman´s fat ones and Mark Rothko´s fluffy ones, challenging the notion of figurative art as representative of life as well as the perception of abstract art as a strictly two-dimensional exercise. In her barely-there matrices, Martin strove to open up infinity – “to be almost nothing until noticed”.

Lamb and Eubank´s audio interpretation, one second short of a full hour, is a stillness that is teeming. As opposed to the nonchalance meant to be shown ambient music, you should “stare” intently and deeply into this. You will fall down into it and then it is up to you if you will find your own way. You might find harmony, you might hear ultra-minimalist industrial music.

Stephen Fruitman

Newsbits: Grammy Nominees / Ernest Dawkins / Chasse and Fischer in Portland / Nobu Stowe Releases / Ernie Althoff

Violist Kim Kashkashian during a rehearsal in ...

The Eighth Blackbird and Kim Kashkashian have both been nominated for a Grammy.

The latest release from Ernest Dawkins is reviewed.

Loren Chasse and Marcus Fischer play at Portland’s Revival Drum Shop, 1465 NE Prescott, Wednesday, December 19, 8 pm.

Ictus Records has released two new recordings from Nobu Stowe: Confusion Bleue Roulette Concert and Confusion Bleue East Side Banquet.

Avantwhatever has released Ernie Althoff’s Tide Shelf. Most (if not all) of the album is up for free streaming.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 29/2012

Kidd Jordan playing saxophone at Luscher Schoo...

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

new artists
a prayer for peace: richard tabnik, ts/ roger mancuso, dr/ adam lane, b

tranceformation: connie crothers, p/ andrea wolper, vo/ ken filiano, b

hippin’: alexis parsons, vo/ connie crothers, p

nonextraneous sounds: mariel roberts, cello

burning bridge: jason kao hwang, vln/ taylor hobynum/ ken filiano/ andrew drury/ joseph daley/ steve swell/ sun li/ wang guowei

confluence: dave phillips, b/ john o gallagher, as/ rez abbasi, g/ tony moreno, dr/ glen fitten, perc/ john werking, p

fred tompkins
flute settings: fred tompkins, fl + various

maikotron unit
effugit: michel coté, cl, maikotron/ pierre coté, b, cello/ michel lambert, maikotron, dr, fl

natura morta
natura morta: frantz loriot, vla/ sean ali, b/ carlo costa, dr

flying note
people of the ninth: kidd jordan, ts/ kali fasteau, p, fl, cello, etc/ michael thompson, dr

not two
across the sky: john dikeman, ts/ klaus kugel, dr/ raoul van der weide, b

no business
hell-bent n the pacific: marco eneidi/ vinny golia/ lisa mezzacappa/ vijay anderson

Umbrella Music Through December 27

English: Mars Williams performing live at Doub...

From Chicago’s Umbrella Music:

Dec 12
The Hideout

Dec 13
Mars Williams Trio

Dec 16
Jason Ajemian Quintet
Hungry Brain

Dec 19
Witches & Devils
The Hideout

Dec 20

Dec 23
Mike Reed’s People, Places and Things
Hungry Brain

Dec 26
DKV Trio
The Hideout

Dec 27
Russ Johnson Quartet featuring Jon Irabagon

Dec 27
DKV Trio
The Hideout

All About Jazz Reviews

Fred Lonberg-Holm in 2002
Fred Lonberg-Holm in 2002 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From All About Jazz:

Gato Libre
Forever (Libra Records)

Hugo Carvalhais
Particula (Clean Feed Records)

Stevens / Rutherford / Parker / Guy
One Four and Two Twos (Emanem)

Perelman – Morris – Cleaver
Living Jelly (Leo Records)

Rob Mazurek Pulsar Quartet
Stellar Pulsations (Delmark Records)

Fred Lonberg-Holm‘s Fast Citizens
Gather (Delmark Records)

The Ratchet Orchestra
Hemlock (Drip Audio)