Open Ears Music Shows and Downloads

English: Barry Altschul, moers festival 2011
English: Barry Altschul, moers festival 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From New Orleans’ Open Ears Music:

Ullmann/Swell 4tet – Audio Archive – 16 Oct 2012
Steve Swell (trombone), Gebhard Ullmann (tenor sax & bass clarinet), Hill Greene (bass), & Barry Altschul (drums)

Anniversary Mash Up – 30 October 2012 – Audio Archive
martin krusche, performance archives, ray moore, rick trolsen, simon berz

Duo Baars Henneman – Audio Archive – 23 Oct 2012
Ig Henneman (viola) & Ab Baars (woodwinds)

Plunge – 27 Nov 2012 – Audio Archive
Mark McGrain (trombone), Tom Fitzpatrick (saxes), Kirk Jospeh (sousaphone), & Doug Garrison (drums)

Bodhi3 – Audio Archive 20 Nov 2012
Bodhi3: Mike Mito (winds), Rebecca Green (voice and bass), & Jeff Zielinski (percussion)

redrawblak(trios) – Audio Archive – 13 November2012
Brad Walker (saxes), Jesse Morrow (bass), Brad Webb (drums) + Rex Gregory (sax)
Brad Walker, Aurora Nealand, & Paul Thibodeaux

Audio Archive – 9 Oct 2012 – JAQ & Log Ladies
Jeff Albert Quartet: Jeff Albert (trombone), Ray Moore (alto sax), Jesse Morrow (bass), Dave Cappello (drums) + Chris Alford (guitar)
The Log Ladies: Chris Alford (guitar), Jesse Morrow (bass), Dave Cappello (drums) + Jeff Albert (trombone)