Open Ears Music Shows and Downloads

English: Barry Altschul, moers festival 2011
English: Barry Altschul, moers festival 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From New Orleans’ Open Ears Music:

Ullmann/Swell 4tet – Audio Archive – 16 Oct 2012
Steve Swell (trombone), Gebhard Ullmann (tenor sax & bass clarinet), Hill Greene (bass), & Barry Altschul (drums)

Anniversary Mash Up – 30 October 2012 – Audio Archive
martin krusche, performance archives, ray moore, rick trolsen, simon berz

Duo Baars Henneman – Audio Archive – 23 Oct 2012
Ig Henneman (viola) & Ab Baars (woodwinds)

Plunge – 27 Nov 2012 – Audio Archive
Mark McGrain (trombone), Tom Fitzpatrick (saxes), Kirk Jospeh (sousaphone), & Doug Garrison (drums)

Bodhi3 – Audio Archive 20 Nov 2012
Bodhi3: Mike Mito (winds), Rebecca Green (voice and bass), & Jeff Zielinski (percussion)

redrawblak(trios) – Audio Archive – 13 November2012
Brad Walker (saxes), Jesse Morrow (bass), Brad Webb (drums) + Rex Gregory (sax)
Brad Walker, Aurora Nealand, & Paul Thibodeaux

Audio Archive – 9 Oct 2012 – JAQ & Log Ladies
Jeff Albert Quartet: Jeff Albert (trombone), Ray Moore (alto sax), Jesse Morrow (bass), Dave Cappello (drums) + Chris Alford (guitar)
The Log Ladies: Chris Alford (guitar), Jesse Morrow (bass), Dave Cappello (drums) + Jeff Albert (trombone)

Newsbits: James Moore / Eric Boeren / New York Shows / Is it Music?

Eric Boeren
Eric Boeren (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guitarist James Moore will perform selections from John Zorn‘s Book of Heads next month as part of New York’s Other Forces Festival.

Dutch cornetist Eric Boeren is profiled.

Extended Techniques provides an overview of New York City performances coming this month.

Finally, a writer discusses why we listen to avant-garde music, with a focus on the recent passings of Henze and Carter, as well as the Cage centenary.

Free Jazz Blog Reviews

English: Colin Stetson, moers festival 2010
English: Colin Stetson, moers festival 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Free Jazz:

Pretty Monsters (Public Eyesore, 2012) ****½
Bruno Duplant, Julien Héraud, Nate Wooley – Movement and Immobility (Peira, 2012) ***½
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz : Abraxas: The Book Of Angels Vol. 19 (Tzadik, 2012) ****
Angelica Sanchez Quintet – Wires & Moss (Clean Feed, 2012) ****
Wally Shoup & Paul Kikuchi – Aurora Distillations (Prefecture, 2012) ***½
Dennis Rea / Wally Shoup / Tom Zgonc – Subduction Zone (Nunatak, 2012) ***
Darius Jones Trio – Big Gurl (Smell My Dream) (AUM Fidelity, 2011) ****
Colin Stetson & Mats Gustafsson – Stones (Rune Grammofon, 2012) *****
Living by Lanterns – Old Myth/New Science (Cuneiform, 2012) ***
Lean Left – Live at Cafe Oto (Unsounds, 2012) ****
Barrel – Gratuitous Abuse (Emanem, 2011) ****

Taylor Ho Bynum in December

English: Taylor Ho Bynum, Moers Festival 2007
English: Taylor Ho Bynum, Moers Festival 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Taylor Ho Bynum:

12/05/12 Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet 8:00pm Brookline High School Brookline, MA USA
12/06/12 Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet 7:30pm Pioneer Valley Jazz Shares Greenfield, MA USA
12/07/12 Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet 8:00pm Firehouse 12 New Haven, CT USA
12/15/12 Anthony Braxton Diamond Curtain Wall Quartet 8:00pm Kennedy Center Washington, DC USA
12/20/12 Jason Kao Hwang‘s Lifelines 10:00pm The Stone New York, NY USA