Morton Feldman’s Major Orchestral Works November 5th in New York

From S.E.M. Ensemble:

Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava • Petr Kotik, Conductor
Hana Kotková, Violin • Joseph Kubera, Piano • Erin Lesser, Flute
Morton Feldman Piano and Orchestra (1976)
Structures for Orchestra (1961)
Flute and Orchestra (1978) AMERICAN PREMIERE
Violin and Orchestra (1979) AMERICAN PREMIERE
Admission: $25 / $15 Students & Seniors | Buy Tickets

The 100-piece Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava (JPO) (Czech Republic) is coming to New York to perform an evening of Morton Feldman’s music – the first all-Feldman orchestra concert in the U.S. Highlights will include the American premieres of the hour-long Violin and Orchestra and Flute and Orchestra (dedicated to Edgar Varèse), 35 years after their creation. The program also includes Structures for Orchestra, the first in a series of orchestra works that Feldman continued to compose throughout the rest of his life, and the lyrical Piano and Orchestra.

The JPO, whose repertoire includes ten major orchestra compositions by Feldman, is the only orchestra to have performed all four works. The soloists are the acclaimed pianist Joseph Kubera, a longtime associate of Feldman and Cage; flutist Erin Lesser, a member of New York Wet Ink Ensemble; and Czech violinist Hana Kotková, whose performances of concertos by Ligeti, Rihm and Francesconi have been rated to be among the best in the world.


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