Josh Sinton Profiled

From The Tri-Centric Foundation:

Multi-reedist and composer Josh Sinton likes things on the low end (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet) and tends to make playful choices in his work – leading a Steve Lacy tribute group (Ideal Bread) sans-soprano, trying out his group holus-Bolus as a two-drummer ensemble and citing Chuck Jones cartoons and “how to make myself dizzy” as important discoveries of his childhood on his website. But, it’s important to note that his sometimes whimsical choices are carefully balanced with a reverence and respect for the music of his heroes and contemporaries. Darcy James Argue calls Josh “equal parts intellectual and sensualist. His playing is built from the sound up, with the eye of an architect and the wit of a raconteur.” It’s telling that Josh continues to self-identify as a student of music well into his career. Read on to learn more about Josh’s projects, influences and thoughts on being a member of the Tri-Centric Orchestra.