James Falzone On Tour With Vox Arcana This Week

From Improvised Communications:

Today, Chicago-based clarinetist/composer James Falzone heads out on tour with longtime bandmates Fred Lonberg-Holm and Tim Daisy in support of Soft Focus (Relay Records), their third recording as the chamber-jazz trio, Vox Arcana.

09/25 :: Thomas Moore College (Covington, KY)
09/26 :: Barking Legs Theater (Chattanooga, TN)
09/27 :: The Stone Fox (Nashville, TN)
09/28 :: The University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL)
09/29 :: Conundrum Music Hall (Columbia, SC)
10/01 :: Now That’s Class (Cleveland, OH)
10/02 :: Elastic Arts Foundation (Chicago, IL)



September 24, 2012
Liudas Mockunas Solo, Downtown Music Gallery
Liudas Mockunas

September 22, 2012
Colonic Youth, Douglass Street Music Colective
Dan Blake James Ilgenfritz Kevin Shea Philip White

September 22, 2012
NatSat Duo, Douglass Street Music Colective
Natsuki Tamura Satoko Fujii

September 20, 2012
São Paulo Underground, University Settlement
Guilherme Granado Marianne Kim Mauricio Takara Rob Mazurek Taylor Ho Bynum

September 19, 2012
Nate Wooley & Mazen Kerbaj, Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral
Mazen Kerbaj Nate Wooley

September 18, 2012
The Towering Poppies, Korzo
Catherine Toren Jasmine Lovell-Smith Kate Pittman Patrick Reid Russell Moore

AMN Reviews: Sontag Shogun – Absent Warrior, Abandoned Battlefield (Palaver Music)

Sontag Shogun is a very corporeal project in which very pretty keyboard melodies are caressed and oppressed by organic and electronic sounds, resulting in a very different jazz and a very unusual ambient. It consists of Ian Temple on piano and organ, Jesse Perlstein on laptop and Jeremy Young on assorted machinery, including oscillators and reel-to-reel tapes. Recorded at Williamsburg venue Big Snow Buffalo Lodge, I´ll stick my neck out and guess the piano is composed beforehand and the ambience improvised on the spot.

The five tactile atmospheres are discreet and tasteful, with the exception of some heavy breathing on “Chorgan” that no decent citizen should have to be subjected to. This live performance is both cozily and curiously intimate. The piano reassures, the close-miked, magnified sound scattering bemuses. Perlstein and Young lob bubbles of found sound and wave ribbons of electricity at the piano player, even rattle a few chains at him, but this gentle heckling never causes Temple to lose his composure. They even spray him with a burst of machine gun fire. On “Musk Ox”, Temple´s piano is treated with much more deference for a dignified and bittersweet closing elegy.


Stephen Fruitman

Peter Evans / John Eckhardt’s “Xylobiont” at Interpretations

English: Peter Evans, moers festival 2009
English: Peter Evans, moers festival 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From New York’s Interpretations:

Peter Evans // John Eckhardt’s “Xylobiont”
Thursday October 11, 2012
8PM at Roulette, in Downtown Brooklyn!
509 Atlantic Ave (corner of Atlantic and 3rd Ave)

Innovative duo works and solo performances from contrabassist John Eckhardt and trumpeter Peter Evans. Berlin-based contrabassist John Eckhardt presents his solo work “Xylobiont”. Among biologists, the term “Xylobiont” means “living with/by/through wood” and hints at the organic qualities of this music, which is neither strict composition nor free improvisation. In part, it builds upon Eckhardt’s personal instrumental technique, which is informed by his frequent encounters with the music of Morton Feldman, György Ligeti or Iannis Xenakis as well as by his long lasting practice of improvisation. The evening also features duets between Eckhardt and virtuosic trumpeter Peter Evans, who also presents his own innovative solo improvisation work. Evans’ solo recordings and performances display his blistering mastery of technique, honed through work across the new music spectrum, from the International Contemporary Ensemble to Evan Parker.

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Heroin In Tahiti – Death Surf
Punktieren – Wear A Mask
Sagittarius – The Kingdom Come
Funerary Call – Nightside Emanations
Burial Hex – Book of Delusions
Undercroft – Ruins of Gomorrah
Elle – Addicted Pleasure
Hearse Fetish – Trash Day Beauty/Body
Ross Adams – Nord Rute
Bramble – Cycle Stasis
Die Reitenden Leichen – Post Wall
Vomir – Untitled( C30)
Nathan Fake – Steam Days
Moloch – Abstrakter Wald
Die Reitenden Leichen – Bored & Dirty
A-Sun Amissa – Desperate in Her Heavy Sleep

This Week in Buenos Aires

From Buenos Aires,su Nueva Musica:

Tuesday September 25

SOLOS and SHORT FILMS (free jazz)
Patricio Carpossi guitar solo- first set
S. Macfarlane short films – 2nd set
At Virasoro Bar, Guatemala 4326 21.30 hs

Wednesday September 26

JAZMIN PRODAN ( free jazz / free improv)
Pablo Moser, saxophones
Nicolas Chientaroli, piano
Maximiliano Kirszner, contrabass
Andrés Elstein, drums
Jazmin Prodan, voice + compositions + FX
after hours free improv
At Un Lugar en Ortuzar , A Thomas 1612- 21.30 hs

Thursday September 27

juan de urquiza , trumpet
lucio balduini, guitar
sebastian de urquiza , contrabass
oscar giunta, drums
At Thelonius Bar, Salguero 1884 21.30 hs

Alan Zimmerman – Rhodes
Juani Mendez- Tenor Sax
Rodrigo Agudelo – Guitar
Alfonso Santini – Contrabass
Martín López Grande – drums

Saturday September 29

Richard Nant (trumpeta, Flugel)
Hernán Jacinto (keys)
Sergio Verdinelli (drums)
Ramiro Flores (saxophoness, clarinets).
At Virasoro Bar, Guatemala 4326 , 22.30 Hs

FERNANDO TARRES 6 TET ( Piazzolla Revisited, Part II )
Fernandez Tarres , guitar & compositions
Rodrigo Dominguez, saxophones
Damian Bolotin ,violin
Juan P Arredondo,guitar
Jeronimo Carmona ,contrabass
Carto Brandan , drums
At Thelonius Bar, Salguero 1884 21.30 hs

Program TBA pieces by piazolla , Druckam , Cabezas, Ayres , Castelli a.o.
At CCMF : Alsina 2880 20.30 hs

ENS ( ENSAMBLE NACIONAL DEL SUD ) -classical contemporary/ experimental )
Composition, Piano & Directions: Oscar Edelstein
Piano & keyboards: Axel Lastra
Electric guitar: Leonardo Salzano
Drums: Pablo Torterolo
Keyboards & FX : Mauro Zannoli
Voice: Deborah Claire Procter
Saxophones: Martin Proscia
Universidad Nacional de Quilmes : Roque Sáenz Peña 352, Quilmes, 20.30 hs

Francisco Salgado (trombone)
Ivan Viaggio (contrabass) –
Hernán Rodríguez (drums).
At Virasoro Bar , Guatemala 4328 after midnight

Sunday September 30

CARMEN BALIERO ( avant garde songs )
Carmen Baliero (piano , voice)
special guestl: Mara Ferrari (voice+ special efect).
At Virasoro Bar , Guatemala 4328 21.30 hs

Program TBA pieces bu Tolosa , Xenakis,Lujan ,Proscia a.o.
At CCMF : Alsina 2880 20.30 hs