Willem Breuker Kollektief Final Tour in North America and Europe

From the Willem Breuker Kollektief:

Happy End is the final production of the 37-year-old Willem Breuker Kollektief. As of January 1, 2013 the orchestra disbands. Thus ends an era of unusual and infectious music-theatrical expression that the orchestra under Breuker’s leadership has characterized for years on end. “People Music” was permeated with Breuker typical sounds, based on jazz, improvised music and contemporary music. Willem Breuker was one of the most important internationally operating ‘architects’ of the Dutch ensemble culture.

Tour through the USA and Canada

The global reputation of the orchestra is due in large part to the many successful tours including in the United States and Canada. Therefore, we have chosen for this autumn’s last tour abroad, 10 concerts in those countries including New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Montreal and Toronto (25 September / October 7).

September 2012
Wed26 Rochester, NY, USA Eastman School of Music master class
Wed26 Rochester, NY, USA BopShop Arts Events Reformation Lutheran Church
Thurs27 Montreal, Canada Casa del Popolo concert La Sala Ross
Sun30 Chicago, USA portoluz concert at Lakeside Inn

October 2012
Mon01 Ottawa, Canada National Arts Centre concert at Fourth Stage
Tues 02 Philadelphia, USA International House concert
Thurs04 Brooklyn, New York, NY, USA Shapeshifters concert
Sat06 Pittsburgh, USA Carnegie Mellon concert at First Unitarian Sanctuary

Mon 5 Spijkenisse, The Pavement, tryout http://www.destoep.nu
Tue 6 Barendrecht, The Crossroad, tryout http://www.theaterhetkruispunt.nl
Wed 7 Leiden, theater, rehearsing http://www.stadspodia.nl
Thu 8 Leiden, Theatre, premiered http://www.stadspodia.nl
Sat 10 Zwolle, Odeon De Spiegel http://www.odeondespiegel.nl
Sun 11 Amersfoort, The Flint http://www.deflint.nl
Wed 14 Gouda, Gouda The Theatre http://www.goudseschouwburg.nl
Fri 16 Deventer, Theatre http://www.deventerschouwburg.nl
Sat 17 Groningen, Stadschouwburg http://www.de-oosterpoort.nl
Tue 20 Horn, Theatre Park http://www.hetpark.nl
Thu 22 Purmerend, The Purmaryn http://www.depurmaryn.nl
Fri 23 Amsterdam, Meervaart http://www.meervaart.nl
Sat 24 Hoofddorp, The Meerse http://www.demeerse.com
Fri 30 End courts, Parktheater http://www.parktheater.nl

Sat 1 Rotterdam, Theatre http://www.rotterdamseschouwburg.nl
Thu 6 Enschede, Wilminktheater http://www.wilminktheater.nl
Sat 8 Haarlem, Theatre http://www.theater-haarlem.nl
Wed 12 Arnhem, Theatre http://www.mssa.nl
Thu 13 Amstelveen, Theatre http://www.schouwburgamstelveen.nl
Fri 14 Alkmaar, Theater de Vest http://www.theaterdevest.nl
Sat 15 Dec Edam, Mahoganny Hall, concert http://www.mahoganyhall.nl
Sun 16 Leeuwarden, Harmony, matinee http://www.harmonie.nl
Mon 17 The Hague, Royal Theatre http://www.ks.nl
Fri December 28 Amsterdam Bimhuis concert http://www.bimhuis.nl
Fri December 29 Amsterdam Bimhuis concert http://www.bimhuis.nl

Text of Light and Voices and Echoes in Houston

Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) at Rock en Seine Rou...
Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) at Rock en Seine Route du Rock, August 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Houston’s Nameless Sound:

Text of Light
Saturday, September 22, 2012 at 7:30 pm
Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex
2201 Preston Street, Houston

Co-presented with Aurora Picture Show as part of the 9th annual Media Archaeology Festival

Tim Barnes (Louisville): drums
Ulrich Krieger (Los Angeles): saxophone, electronics
Alan Licht (New York): guitar
Lee Ranaldo (New York): guitar

$15 General Admission / $10 APS & NS members

Everyone under 18 gets in for free (pending availability).
For information call 713-928-5653

Nameless Sound opens its season with a special engagement by
Text of Light improvising to the films of Stan Brakhage, a hero of America’s mid-century cinematic avant-garde. “Our view is that the music and the film are two events happening simultaneously,” says Lee Ranaldo, also a member of the venerated experimental rock group Sonic Youth. As such, Text of Light does not perform soundtracks. Rather, the group uses the film as a further element to fuel their improvisation, with the resulting juxtaposition being a real-time, mixed media collage. Any of the Text of Light members may or may not be viewing the films as they unspool, and may or may not be reacting to the sounds of any of the other performers. The Stan Brakhage films featured in this program are Mammals of Victoria, Beautiful Funerals, and Aftermath.

Voices and Echoes
Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 8:00 pm
14 Pews, 800 Aurora Street, Houston

Akio Suzuki (Japan): handmade instruments
Otomo Yoshihide (Japan): guitar, turntables
Gozo Yoshimazu (Japan): voice, video projections

$13 General Admission / $10 with student ID
Everyone under 18 gets in for free!
For information call 713-928-5653

Curated by sound artist Aki Onda, Voices and Echoes presents three pioneering figures from the overlapping worlds of Japanese performance art, video, poetry, and electro-acoustic improvisation. Akio Suzuki is a shamanic presence known for performing with natural materials and handmade instruments, often in remote locations. Gozo Yoshimasu is a migrant visionary who combines readings of his colorfully calligraphed poems with original video projections. Yoshimasu will read with the sonic accompaniment of guitarist and turntablist Otomo Yoshihide, an early proponent of sampling technology who is widely considered to be one of his generations most significant musical re-structuralists.

Open Ears Music Show Downloads

From New Orleans’ Open Ears Music:

Steve Marquette Quintet – Audio Archive – 11 September 2012
This is the audio archive from 11 September 2012. The files are 128k VBR mp3s.
Steve Marquette (guitar), Brad Walker (tenor sax), Jeff Albert (trombone), Jesse Morrow (bass), & Marcello Benetti (drums)

Troika – Audio Archive – 4 September 2012
This is the audio archive from 04 September 2012. The files are 128k VBR mp3s.
Troika: Stephen Gordon (keys), Barry Stephenson (bass), & Jamison Ross (drums)

Oestreicher/Benetti/McFatter/Murano – Audio Archive – 14 August 2012
This is the audio archive from 14 August 2012. The files are 128k VBR mp3s.
Dan Oestreicher (bass sax), Marcello Benetti (drums), Tim McFatter (tenor sax), & Pete Murano (guitar)

Cliff Hines & G. Maxwell Zemanovic – Audio Archive – 07 August 2012
This is the audio archive from 07 August 2012. The files are 128k VBR mp3s.
Cliff Hines (guitars) & G. Maxwell Zemanovic (drums)

Anthony Cuccia & Simon Lott – Audio Archive – 24 July 2012
This is the audio archive from 24 July 2012. The files are 128k VBR mp3s.
Simon Lott & Anthony Cuccia (stuff)

This Week at Cafe OTO

English: Mats Gustafsson, moers festival
English: Mats Gustafsson, moers festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From London’s Cafe OTO:

WED 19 SEPT ’12 • 8PM • £12 advance / £14 on the door

Lean Left return to OTO for a one-off night following their storming two day residency here in 2011.

with Kiku Day & Philip Wachsmann
with Pat Thomas & John Russell

Massively heavy weekend residency with two of the world’s foremost improvisers. Neither need much introduction. Mats Gustafsson is one of the most distinctive saxophonists of his generation – a player of impossible physical power and constant invention as a soloist, collaborator and group player in The Thing, Fire!, Brötzmann’s Chicago Tentet and countless other configurations. Here he’s joined by his Discaholics Anonymous cohort Thurston Moore. An inventive and instantly recognisable guitarist both in his solo work and as a member of Sonic Youth, Thurston has also been a long running participant in and champion of much of the music that we hold dear. It’s a pleasure to have him back here with Mats for what promises to be two fantastic days of music…..

MON 24 SEPT ’12 • 8PM • £5/£4 concs

September’s concert of experimental improvised music drawn from participants of Eddie Prévost’s weekly workshop. This month’s musicians are Seymour Wright (alto saxophone), John Wollaston (computer/electronics), Matt Olczak (acoustic guitar), Visa Kuoppala (computer), Sebastian Lexer (piano+), Ross Lambert (guitar and objects)….


‘Indeterminacy’ was a 1959 double LP on the Folkways label by John Cage and David Tudor. Cage read ninety of his stories, each one, whether long or short, lasting one minute. Unheard by Cage, Tudor simultaneously played the piano and other things in another room. For this performance the text will be read by Stewart Lee whilst Tania Chen and Steve Beresford play in and outside the piano. The evening will open with Alan Tomlinson performing Cage’s Solo for Sliding Trombone and an improvisation by Beresford, Chen and Tomlinson……

WED 26 SEPT ’12 • 8PM • £7 / £8 on the door

To mark the centenary of John Cage’s birth, the Langham Research Centre – Britain’s leading musique concrete performing group – realise a selection of Cage’s rarely heard electronic works using obsolete analogue devices. The programme will include Variations 1 (1958), 0’00” (1962), Fontana Mix (1958), Cartridge Music (1960), Speech for Newsreader and 5 Radios (1955), and WBAI (1960). The Langham Research Centre is a group devoted to authentic performances of classic electronic music, and the creation of new music from their instrumentarium of vintage analogue devices. Founded in 2003, their new music employs open reel tape, sine wave oscillators and other discarded technology……

Free Jazz Blog Reviews

English: Achim Tang at moers festival 2007
English: Achim Tang at moers festival 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Free Jazz:

Mike Reed’s People, Places and Things – Clean on the Corner (482 Music, 2012) ***
Ran Blake and David Fabris – Vilnius Noir (NoBusiness, 2012) ***½
Joe Hertenstein, Achim Tang, Jon Irabagon – Future Drone (Jazzwerkstatt, 2012) ****½
Nate Wooley – [8] Syllables (Peira, 2012) ****
Elephant9 – live at the BBC (Rune Grammofon, 2011) ****
The Thirteenth Assembly – Station Direct (Important Records, 2011) ****
Stian Westerhus – The Matriarch And The Wrong Kind Of Flowers (Rune Grammofon, 2012) ***** [part 3 of 3]

This Week in Buenos Aires

From Buenos Aires,su Nueva Musica:

Wednesday September 19
TATIANA CASTRO MEJIA 5tet + contemporary dance improvisers
Tatiana Castro Mejía piano
Francisco Salgado, trombone
Renato Bienucci, flute
Maximiliano Kirszner, contrabass
Hernan Rodriguez, drums
Dance by Aleema Curri & Aldana Valky
after hours free improv
At Un Lugar en Ortuzar , A Thomas 1612- 21.30 hs

Thursday September 20
juan de urquiza , trumpet
lucio balduini, guitar
sebastian de urquiza , contrabass
oscar giunta, drums
At Thelonius Bar, Salguero 1884 21.30 hs

Friday September 21
Sergio Wagner (trumpet)
Carlos Michelini (saxophone)
Cirilo Fernández (piano)
Ezequiel “Chino” Piazza (drums)
Arturo Puertas (contrabass)
At Virasoro Bar, Guatemala 4326 22.30 hs

VIGILANTE MARGARITA ( free jazz / free impro)
Guillermina Etkin (voice piano y cítar)
Cecilia López (synth, voi &guitar)
Cecilia Grammatico (drums & objects.)
At Virasoro Bar, Guatemala 4326 after midnight show

Saturday September 22
MUSICAL LECTURES (classical contemporary)
Pablo Monteys (Bass Clarinet)
Mariano Malamud (viola)
Maricel Alvarez, Emilio García Whebi, Adriana Viñals, María Thompson, Román Lamas y Marcelo Delgado: lecture
Espacio de Arte Fundación Osde-Suipacha 658, primer piso. 18.00 hs

Richard Nant (trumpeta, Flugel)
Hernán Jacinto (keys)
Sergio Verdinelli (drums)
Ramiro Flores (saxophoness, clarinets).
At Virasoro Bar, Guatemala 4326 , 22.30 Hs

FERNANDO TARRES 6 TET ( Piazzolla Revisited )
F .Tarres , guitar
Rodrigo Dominguez, saxophones
Damian Bolotin ,viloin
Juan P Arredondo , guitar
Jeronimo Carmona , contrabass
Carto Brandan , drums
At Thelonius Bar, Salguero 1884 21.30 hs

Sunday September 23
CARMEN BALIERO ( avant garde songs )
Carmen Baliero (piano , voice)
special guestl: Mara Ferrari (voice special efect).
At Virasoro Bar , Guatemala 4328 21.30 hs

Tuesday 25 de septiemeb 21h /
“Lecture on nothing” (1959) by John Cage
Performed by Robert Wilson

A Ruhrtriennale Production organized by Colon Contemporary Series & Fundación Proa
in colaboration with the Goethe-Institut.

Text: John Cage
Performance, concepto y dirección Robert Wilson
Video: Tomek Jeziorski
Músic: Arno Kraehahn
Producción técnica Reinhard Bichsel
Opera glasses ( Binociular man ) : Tilmann Hecker
Drama: Stephan Buchberger
Artistic production manager Johanna von Rigal
Produced by Ruhrtriennale
Tomek Jeziorski presented by Klopsztanga.Polen grenzenlos NRW.
& Adam Mickiewicz Institut Warschau.