The Squid’s Ear Reviews

From The Squid’s Ear:

The Reveries – Matchmakers Volume 2: The Music of Sade (Barnyard Records)
Shalabi / St-Onge / Cote – Jane and The Magic Bananas (& Records)
Bondi / d’incise / Rodrigues / Chagas / Torres / Moimeme – Brume (Creative Sources)
Charles / Gross / Hautzinger / Marchetti – TSSTT! (Monotype)

AMN Reviews: Grzegorz Bojanek – Remaining Sounds (Dynamophone Records)

On “Remaining Sounds”, Grzegorz Bojanek toys with the idea of making music out of what music leaves behind. Starting each acoustic experiment with a single source, like the two notes being urged reluctantly from a throat of a clarient, he massages it, scrubs it with vinyl pumice, and bathes some of the results in reverb while others are left to hang dry and exposed.

The sum-total is a portfolio of complimentary colours, the common theme of combining contrasts readily apparent and easy to access, the aesthetic experience warm indeed, all cozily embedded in tape hiss off an old Sony reel-to-reel. In its best moments, a kind of pure, textural bliss is achieved. At other times, that bliss is undermined by fiddling around with small, kitchen-sink sounds in the background, or approaching the sound source too literally, as the single string plucked on “Rewind” threatens to break out into a carillon of bells, breaking the spell. The recourse to one particular sound source is just distressing, when human breath is hard to catch on the track which bears roughly that name; the addition of short-circuiting electronics only helps to make it sound more like torture than nurture.

However, a truly happy marriage of melody and phonography is achieved on “Remaining Motionless”, whose gentle guitar ruminations echo softly through a Zen garden of flagstones, crickets and rain just a few inches away, constructed, it eventually becomes apparent, out of vinyl run-on.

Stephen Fruitman

Newsbits: Colorusso / Ilgenfritz / Zorn / Moore / Keneally

Ahleuchatistas - La Faena (Madrid) el 14/10/2009
Ahleuchatistas – La Faena (Madrid) el 14/10/2009 (Photo credit: feiticeira_org)

Kevin Belli has made a short film about three of Craig Colorusso’s pieces: Sun Boxes, Cubemusic, and MB 89. The film will be premiering at The Camden International Film Festival on September 30th at The Strand Theater in Camden Maine.

James Ilgenfritz: Compositions (Braxton) 2011 CD Release Concert takes place Friday October 19, 2012 at Brooklyn Conservatory, 58 7th Ave in Park Slope. Please come help James Ilgenfritz celebrate the release of his debut solo bass recording, Compositions (Braxton) 2011, featuring imaginative solo interpretations of numerous compositions by innovative composer and improviser Anthony Braxton. From classic quartet pieces to trumpet cadenzas, Ghost Trance Music, orchestral parts, Pulse Tracks, Language Musics, and much more, the record integrates disparate aspects of Mr Braxton’s distinctive compositional language in the context of an equally distinctive approach to the contrabass.

John, Zorn, Thurston Moore and others are playing to “save the village” in New York.

Ahleuchatistas new album, Heads Full of Poison, will appear on double vinyl LP on Harvest Recordings, in addition to the CD version on Cuneiform Records.

Drainolith + Nate Young (Wolf Eyes) + The Knot + Babel Holy Oak Café in Toronto, Ontario, on September 26.

On Saturday, September 15th, 9:00pm, The Orion LiveMusic Showcases at Orion Studios, 2903 Whittington Ave., Baltimore, 21230 present Mike Keneally & Rick Musallam performing Wing Beat Fantastic and other Keneally songs.

Tarans Free Jazz Hour – Podcast 22/2012

English: Jazz-drummer Paal Nilssen-Love in con...

From Tarans Free Jazz Hour:

moon fish: jean luc guionnet, as/ benjamin duboc, b/ edward perraud, dr
Particula: Dominique Pifarély (v), Emile Parisien (ss), Gabriel Pinto (p), Hugo Carvalhais (b), Mário Costa (d)
Snakelust (to Kenji Nakagami): Hairy Bones-Massimo Pupillo (b), Paal Nilssen-Love (d), Peter Broetzmann (ts), Toshinori Kondo (t)

amirani records
polishing the mirror: edoardo marraffa, ts, ss/ thollem mcdonas, p/ stefano giust, dr
turbulent flow: gianni mimmo, ss/ daniel levin, cello

phonometak labs
mantic: cristiano calcagnile: dr, perc/ xabier iriondo, mahai metak, etc/ gianni mimmo, ss

creative sources
white smoke: jeffrey morgan, ss, ts/ mike goyvaerts, perc, toys/ willy van buggenhout, ems synth

larry ochs
the sybil’s whispers: larry ochs/ dohee lee/ wilbert dejoode/ scott amendola

incline: a shelton, as/ kjell nordeson, dr

relative pitch records
take your time: Vinny Golia: tenor, alto, soprano saxophones Bobby Bradford: cornet Ken Filiano: bass Alex Cline: drums

ellington saxophone encounters: mark masters ensemble

black novel: massimo, fl/ luigi vitale, vib/ denis biason, g/ alessandro turchet, b/ bruno cesselli, p

tahrir: john esposito; jeff marx; jeff siegel

Monsieur Délire Reviews

From Monsieur Délire:

ANTHONY BRAXTON / Syntactical GTM Choir (NYC) 2011 (New Braxton House)
GENTLE GIANT / The Missing Piece (DRT)
SH.TG.N / SH.TG.N (Moonjune)
BEHOLD… THE ARCTOPUS / Skullgrid (Black Market Activities)
ONE MAN NATION & MACHINEFABRIEK / One Man Nation & Machinefabriek (The Unified Field)
300 BASSES / Sei Ritornelli (Potlatch)
OFFERING / Afïïèh (Seventh)
JOEY NEGRO AND THE SUNBURST BAND / The Secret Life of Us (Z Records – merci à/thanks to Forced Exposure)
BEARDFISH / The Void (Inside Out)
STREIFENJUNKO / Sval torv (Sofa)
STIAN WESTERHUS / The Matriarch and the Wrong Kind of Flowers (Rune Grammofon – merci à/thanks to Forced Exposure)
SIDSEL ENDRESEN & STIAN WESTERHUS / Didymoi Dreams (Rune Grammofon – merci à/thanks to Forced Exposure)
OFFERING / Offering III-IV (Seventh)
DEAD WESTERN / Everything, Eternally (Discorporate Records – merci à/thanks to Dense Promotion)
STEVE RODEN & MACHINEFABRIEK / Lichtung (Eat, Sleep, Repeat)
NICK EDWARDS / Plekzationz (editions Mego – merci à/thanks to Dense Promotion)
TUNJI OYELANA / A Nigerian Retrospective: 1966-79 (Soundway – merci à/thanks to Forced Exposure)
OFFERING / Offering I-II (Seventh Records)
PRAEZISA RAPID 3000 / 314159265 (Noble – merci à/thanks to Dense Promotion)
STAER / Staer (Discorporate – merci à/thanks to Dense Promotion)
STORMY SIX / Macchina Maccheronica (Warner Music Italia)
STORMY SIX / Al Volo (Warner Music Italia)