AMN Reviews: Isz – Spheres

Isz: Spheres [at055]

The spheres alluded to in the title of this new release by Colombian sound artist Miguel Isaza are metaphorical objects meant to suggest the creation of a sense of space through the medium of sound.

The basic material out of which this single long track was constructed is a series of place- and object-specific field recordings. Isaza then took the source recordings and ran them through granular and spectral processing in order to obtain something at once rooted in and freed from its circumstances of creation. As a result his sound sources are largely unrecognizable outside of the sometimes discernible sonic signatures of the metallic objects he recorded. Beginning with a low frequency drone, the composition moves through an always-changing range of sounds suggestive of any number of things: Crickets or turning wheels, microtonal tubular bells, bull roarers, a glockenspiel in the distance. Much of this is couched on a deeply resonant foundation, which at times can take the form of an overtone-rich undercurrent.

One may or may not imagine oneself within a spherical space while listening, but Spheres is nonetheless a work that can be enjoyed purely for the variety and quality of sounds it puts forth.