Joe Morris’s Perpetual Frontier

Vision Festival

Guitarist Joe Morris has published Perpetual Frontier / The Properties of Free Music. The book describes the way Free Music is constructed through the processes of sythesis, interpretation and invention. With descriptive sections of four seminal methodologies Unit Structures, Harmolodics, Tri Axium Theory and European Free Improvisation, as well as sections on how specific Properties are consistently used and re-formulated in the construction of free music. It features contributions in the form of answers to a questionnaire by 15 renown free music artists; Marilyn Crispell, Charles Downs (aka Rashid Bakr), Simon H. Fell, Agusti Fernandez, Mary Halvorson, Katt Hernandez, Joe McPhee, Nicole Mitchell, William Parker, Jamie Saft, Matthew Shipp, Ken Vandermark, Alex Ward, Nate Wooley and Jack Wright

Morris has written about the book on Point of Departure.