Jason Molina Benefit

As Jason Molina sings on the first track of his album “Ghost Tropic”, this is not a generous world. However, he is not about to let it go until he has wrested it into submission, like Jacob wrestled with the angel all night long until he forced it to bless him. Right now, however, it´s got him pressed to the mat and he needs help to wriggle free.

As Songs:Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co. and under his own name, Molina has established himself as one of the most memorable singer/songwriters of his generation, garnering a devoted following throughout the world and inspiring countless young, independent artists.

Imagine the lyrical capacity of a restrained Bob Dylan, informed by the timelessness of the American storytelling tradition from the tents of the revivalist circuit to the records of The Band, and delivered with quavering Neil Young phrasing. While that fragile voice seems to emerge from somewhere around the Civil War era, obsessed with heartache and redemption and informed by stolid moralism, his songwriting slowly matures while maintaining its striking, admirable poetry.

After a dozen years of steady production, he seemed to simply drop off the map in 2009, until his fan site revealed that he had some serious health issues brought on by drug and alcohol abuse and furthermore, that he was broke for lack of medical insurance.

Benefit concerts have already been held in Buenos Aires and Seattle, and a concert now is being prepared in London, to be followed shortly by a studio tribute album. All the information you need is available at:


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