AMN Reviews: Nakatani Tiner Drake – Ritual Inscription

Nakatani Tiner Drake: Ritual Inscription [epigraph lp-001]

These two improvisations by the international trio of percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani, electric guitarist Jeremy Drake, and Kris Tiner on trumpet and flugelhorn, were captured live at the Metro Galleries in Bakersfield, CA in May of 2010. Both tracks feature a tightly balanced combination of intensity and lyricism that arises from an intelligent reciprocity of conventional and experimental playing by three musicians with deep stylistic and expressive affinities.

The music caught here embodies an exhilarating meeting—sometimes clashing and sometimes complementary–of instrumental timbres and dynamics. Nakatani, who is one of the most interesting percussionists active today, provides an ebb and flow of rattling, scraping, crashing and groaning shards of sounds as he moves across the spectrum from drum kit to miscellaneous objects and back again. Tiner contributes a counterweight with often introspective, fragmentary melodies played in the middle and upper registers. Drake’s guitar is only occasionally recognizable as a guitar, but his contribution of electronic grit adds a vital element of atmosphere that binds the trio together.