AMN Reviews: Trigger – The Fire Throws

Trigger: The Fire Throws [insubcd05]

This unusual wind trio consists of Chris Heenan on contrabass clarinet, Matthias Müller on trombone, and Nils Ostendorf on trumpet. The group’s improvisations are built around the timbral contrasts of brass and reeds, from which they construct texture-focused works of varying densities. The track titles, which are drawn from geology, hint at the multi-faceted, often quite rough facades of sound the trio creates.

Karst begins the recording by leveraging sonic mass in a harsh, oscillating drone. Talus follows with a contrasting spaciousness carried by pops on the contrabass clarinet and air notes from the brass. The dynamically varied Littoral creates a thick layer of sound through long-duration tones and minor second dissonances. The key clicks and other percussive sounds of the aptly titled Scree provide a loose and potentially unstable ground for Ostendorf’s muted trumpet to range over, while the final two tracks end the release with two different perspectives on constructing opaque surfaces out of sonic materials.