Newsbits: Channeling Coltrane / Rader / Exercise / Roche

A new Kickstarter project for a stand-alone concert video of a one-time-only performance of Coltrane’s Electric Ascension at Guelph Jazz Festival in Canada on September 7, 2012 has been launched.

July 25th starting at 8pm, the Safe House in brighton UK will feature a performance by Daniel Thompson: guitar, Alex Ward: clarinet, and Paul May: percussion.

Pan y Rosas has released a new album from the duo Exercise, and it is available for free streaming.

Brooklyn-based composer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Roche will release his vivid song cycle/EP !BlurMyEyes July 31st on New Amsterdam Records. Described by Roche as “a sort of musical study in ceremony,” the work explores his various encounters with ritual and spirituality by carefully weaving threads of classical composition, lo-fi drone, psych-folk, noise, and R&B to create a sincere and introspective emotional statement. Roche also involved several of his closest collaborators on the EP, including the prolific R. Stevie Moore (with whom Roche regularly tours) as well as world-renowned composer/musician Shahzad Ismaily. Though the stylistic and thematic ground covered is ambitious and wide-ranging, Roche’s heartfelt fascination with ritual and with ceremony unifies the eclectic spirit of !BlurMyEyes.

Finally, last but not least, a video of last week’s performance by Abbey Rader is available:

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