AMN Reviews: Tribil Trio – Self-titled

Tribil Trio [oz054]

The Tribil Trio, made up of Sandro Carta on trumpet, Michele Spanghero on double bass and Marta Vigna on harp, create improvised music that draws its inspiration from recent avant garde art music for small ensembles. The juxtaposition of harp, double bass and trumpet is uncommon, but the use of brass with plucked and bowed strings allows the trio to explore intriguing contrasts in sound color and duration. Their self-titled release on the Ozkye netlabel consists of three tracks of various lengths, each of which offers a kind of polyphonic pointillism leavened with timbral experimentation. The approach is established immediately in Filicem, the release’s opening track, which features a low-frequency buzzing that could be prepared double bass and/or harp over which a long-toned melody floats. This is followed by Psycho Lullaby, an episodic, dirge-like piece in which the three instruments speak in their more conventional voices. The longest and final track, Rain on Mangroves, is a spacious piece that places a plaintive trumpet melody over bowed harmonics and stabs of the harp. These three efforts add up to a worthy experiment in blending disparate instrumental voices not usually heard alone together.