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Raw Like Sushi
Raw Like Sushi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Artist: Elton Dean’s Ninesense
Album: The 100 Club Concert 1979
Label: Reel Recordings

Artist: Shackleton
Album: Music for the Quiet Hour / The Drawbar Organ EPs
Label: Woe to the Septic Heart

Artist: Pierre Schaeffer / Guy Reibel
Album: Le Trièdre Fertile / Granulations-Sillages / Franges du Signe
Label: Recollection GRM

Artist: Annea Lockwood
Album: In Our Name
Label: New World

Artist: Neneh Cherry & The Thing
Album: The Cherry Thing
Label: Smalltown Supersound

Artist: Peaking Lights
Album: Lucifer
Label: Mexican Summer

Artist: Trapist
Album: The Golden Years
Label: Staubgold