Newsbits: Locrian / The Residents / Globe Unity / 300 Basses / Tarana

Experimental, dark ambient / noise trio Locrian are set to release their most recent recording (previously available only on vinyl) The Clearing as a 2CD/Digital deluxe album with a bonus disc re-titled as The Clearing/The Final Epoch via Relapse Records. The second disc contains almost an hour of previously unreleased material containing the band’s signature sound of ominous crescendos mixed with powerful atmospherics and pulverizing tension.

Burning Ambulance links to a full concert by the Residents and a shorter video of Globe Unity Orchestra.

Potlatch is releasing 300 BASSES with Alfredo Costa Monteiro (accordion, objects), Jonas Kocher (accordion) and Luca Venitucci (accordion, objects). 300 BASSES transforms the conventional accordion approach, and enhance new practices leading to creative and innovative musical paths. They focus on a collective sound approach, the three accordionists have a strong fascination for noisy static sounds, complex textures, and their powerful physicality.

Trio Tarana (performing as duo with trombonist Rick Parker) will be at Casa Mezcal in New York on THURSDAY, JUNE 21ST, 2012 @ 8PM.