Upcoming Lukas Ligeti Concerts

From Lukas Ligeti:

Friday Nights 6.29, 7.13 + 7.20 –
Ange Noir Cafe Concert Series

Where: Ange Noir Café, 247 Varet St (between White St & Bogart St), Williamsburg, Train L to Morgan St
Tickets: Free. For more info, call 347.294.4759.


6/29: 7:00pm: Jeffrey Shurdut. 8:00pm: Lukas Ligeti Quintet: Thomas Bergeron (trumpet), Travis Sullivan (sax), Shoko Nagai (piano), Evan Lipson (bass), Lukas Ligeti (drums). 9:00pm: Kenny Jaworski.
7/13: 7:00pm: SoSaLa featuring Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi. 8:00pm: Louie Belogenis + Lukas Ligeti.
7/20: 7:15pm: Hypercolor – Eyal Maoz (guitar), James Ilgenfritz (bass), Lukas Ligeti (drums).

Just off a 3-month long tour in Europe and India, composer/percussionist Lukas Ligeti returns to his hometown of New York City with live performances ranging from avant-jazz collaborations to a curatorial concert series in Brooklyn. One of the most innovative composers and improvisers on the new music scene, Lukas neatly bridges the classical-modernist-world-music divide. He combines his post-minimalism compositional style with other facets of contemporary expressions such as noise and electronics as well as indigenous non-Western musical and cultural influences.