Olympia Experimental Music Festival: June 22-24

From the Olympia Experimental Music Festival.

The 18th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival!

All Shows Are at the Midnight Sun, 113 N. Columbia ST, brought to you by KAOS 89.3 FM. All Shows Are All Ages. Prices are $8 Friday, $8 Saturday, $6 Sunday or a Festival Pass for $18.

Friday June 22nd, 8 PM SHARP:

Amy Denio (Seattle) & Emily Hay (L.A.)
Moodring (Portland)
L.A. Lungs (Tacoma)
Marlo Eggplant (Portland but soon Essex UK!)
Ryan Ray Accumulation (Pacific Northwest)
Four Dimensional Nightmare (Seattle)
Wood Paneling (Mason County)

Saturday June 23rd, 8 PM SHARP:

XAMBUCA (Asheville, NC)
Blue Sabbath, Black Cheer (Seattle)
Crank Sturgeon via Skype (Portland, ME)
Overdose the Katatonic (Seattle)
Eric Ostrowski (Seattle)
Mangled Bohemians (Portland)
Altai (Portland)
The Giant Worm (Olympia, Portland, Eugene)

Sunday June 24th, 3 PM (special matinee of all Olympia musicians past and present):

Chuck Swaim with the Dead Air Fresheners (Bastard Customer line-up, first show in 10 years!)
Malaise (Kento from IQU first Malaise set in 8 years!)
J.D. Helwig (formerly Selah, first Olympia appearance in 15 years!)
Derek M. Johnson (Winner of the 2012 Oly Music Awards Artist of the year!)
Big Tom the Lithuanian (Need we say more??)

This Festival is dedicated to the memory of Deanne M. McAdams 11/27/1974 – 8/3/2011.

This Week in Buenos Aires

From Buenos Aires,su Nueva Musica:

Monday June 11
ARRE! Cello ensamble plays on films by Narcisa Hirsch
Rafael Delgado, Jenny McAleer, Ana Carolina Garbero, Ana Clara Payne, Juan

Ferreras, Gustavo Alvarez, Karmen Rencar, Ellen Casey, Guido Wardak .. cellos
Direction: Claudio Peña
Centro Cultural BorgesViamonte 500, 21 hs

Tuesday June 12
pol mourelle , guitar
leonel cejas , contrabass
rodrigo nuñuz, keys
sebastian stecher , drums
At Ladran Sancho, Guardia Vieja 3811 , 22 hs

Wednesday June 13

Un Lugar en Ortuzar , A Thomas 1612
LA EXPERIENCIA ELECTROALVAREZ ( experimental rock & free improv)
Sergio Alvarez (guitar) – Juan Bayón (contrabass) – Andrés Elstein (drums)
guests: Nico Sorín – Franco Fontanarrosa (bass), Leo Paganini, Mariana

Bianchini(voice), Mariano Bertolini ( trumpet), Augusto Urbini ( drums),
Nico Said ( sax)
At Virasoro Bar, Guatemela 4328 21.30 hs

IVAN BIAGGIO ( free jazz)
Ada Rave,saz
Francisco Salgado ,trombone
Mariana Bichi Suar ,
martin olasso
At Un lugar en Ortuzr ALVAREZ THOMAS 1612 21.30hs

Thursday June 14
CAMOTE ( contemporary jazz)
Sebastian Valsechi (guitar) – Rodrigo Reparaz (drums) – Diego Goldzsein (contrabass)-
Martin Sanchez (vibráphone , Santiago de Francisco (saxophoness).
Nico Sorín: Keyboards El Gnomo : guitar
Juanfa Suarez: Troumpet ,voice Composition
At Virasoro Bar, Guatemela 4328 21.30 hs

Friday June 15
TRIO PROMEDIO ( contemporary/ free jazz )
Pepi Taveira (drums)
Luis Agudo (percussion)
Pablo Puntoriero (saxophones).
At Virasoro Bar, Guatemela 4328 22.30 hs

Saturday 16 june
Francisco Salgado (trombone composition)
Ivan Viaggio (contrabass)
Hernán Rodríguez (drums).
At Virasoro bar guatemala 2368 after midnight show 00.45 hs

Manuel Ochoa (piano) – Sergio Wagner (trompeta)
Gustavo Cámara (saxos) – Ezequiel Dutil (contrabajo) – Pepi Taveira (batería)
At Virasoro bar guatemala 2368 22.30

The Oral History Of AUM Fidelity: Steven Joerg’s DIY Avant-Garde Label Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

From The Village Voice:

In an interview with the Voice last year, AUM Fidelity head Steven Joerg made his mantra crystal clear: “Giants walk among us now, and you’ve got to fucking pay attention.” For the last fifteen years, the proprietor and sole employee of the Brooklyn-based jazz and avant-soul label has been documenting those giants, producing and releasing a pioneering cache of singular music while remaining true to his DIY ethos.