Wadada Leo Smith in Chicago Friday

Wadada (Photo credit: andynew)

From The Chicago Reader:

Fantastic trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith, a former Chicagoan and early member of the AACM, will make a rare local appearance on Friday night at the Goodspeed Recital Hall on the campus of the University of Chicago—he performs with reedist Douglas Ewart and drummer Mike Reed. This ad hoc configuration will improvise for the concert, but Smith is also an excellent composer—he’s been on a roll over the past couple years, with several meticulously conceived projects rooted in his own music, including the brand-new Ten Freedom Summers (Cuneiform), an ambitious four-CD set recorded with his long-running acoustic group the Golden Quartet (expanded to quintet on some tracks with a second drummer) and Los Angeles classical ensemble Southwest Chamber Music.

Vinny Golia Profiled

Vinny Golia ensemble
Vinny Golia ensemble (Photo credit: michaelz1)

From LA Weekly:

When free jazz, multi-instrumentalist Vinny Golia first set foot in Los Angeles in the early 1970s he wasn’t expecting to stay. But circumstances dictated he was here for good, so Golia embarked on a project that helped him become one of the most important guardians of the more experimental pockets of West Coast jazz history. Thirty-five years later, his project of necessity, Nine Winds Records, is celebrating its unstoppable mission with a Wednesday night June residency at the Blue Whale. The self-taught woodwind genie has a sound that can bellow like a foghorn or squeak like a nest full of birds; it’s frenetic, unstoppable, and a far cry from what anyone might consider commercial.

Coming to the Vortex Jazz Club

Led Bib at the Vortex 10/4/07
Led Bib at the Vortex 10/4/07 (Photo credit: _mattxb)

From London’s Vortex:

Sun 10 | 8.30pm


The genre-defying triumvirate of veteran keyboardist-composer Roy Powell, guitarist Jacob Young and drummer Jarle Vespestad, comes out blazing with a vengeance on InterStatic, their RareNoise Records debut and second release overall, following their ambitious 2011 outing, Anthem.
Seamlessly combining elements of jazz, experimental, ambient and rock, the power trio stretches in typically intense fashion, extending the organ trio tradition established by Jimmy Smith and taken to realms beyond on such groundbreaking recordings as Tony Williams Lifetime’s Emergency! (with Larry Young and John McLaughlin) and John Abercrombie’s Timeless (with Jan Hammer and Jack DeJohnette).


Mon 11 | 8.30pm


Launching a new album on FMR – Predicate is led by guitarist Alex Ward, “one of those musicians who seems to get interesting music out of anything he touches” (Nate Dorward). With Tim Hill (alto and baritone saxophones), Dominic Lash (double bass) and Mark Sanders (drums).


match&fuse FREE Festival 2012

WorldService Project have been tearing a path through the UK scene and touring with their ambitious initiative of match&fuse joint adventures in music with the brightest, dirtiest young European and Scandinavian bands. Featuring 13 bands from eight countries, this is the first match&fuse festival in a five year plan – Oslo in 2012 and Rome in 2012…

All festival sounds can be heard at http://soundcloud.com/match-2/ sets/match-fuse-festival-2012- 1

Friday 15 – in the Vortex from 8.15pm


Alfie Ryner

From France – quintet of stirring music, elegant and poised jazz to punk to groove to bolero.

mashup big band
WorldService Project/RedivideR/Alfie Ryner



Fom Italy – progressive avant-punk jazz trio combining explosive energy, punk angularity with highly improvised music.


Led Bib

Led by drummer Mark Holub, from the UK Led Bib are the sonic equivalent of a volcanic eruption backed by a fire storm.


Owls Are Not What They Seem

From Poland – aggressive drum ‘n’ bass mixed with complex African rhythms.

Saturday 16 – in Gillett Square from 1.00pm


3 dancers / 9 drummers


Hackney kids & match@fusers


Les Rauchen Verboten

From Spain – momentous speech that describes violence, landscapes and stories of a raw, joyful and at times sarcastic perspective on life.



Rockpopjazz from Norway – led by bassist Ellen Andrea Wang.



From Ireland – two-horns-no-chords quartet led by drummer Matt Jacobson. Downtown grooves with catchy melodies and collective improvs and an influential dose of Carnatic music of Southern India.


match@fuse big band

Eighteen musicians assembled from all the bands.


WorldService Project

From the UK – keyboardist Dave Morecroft leads “serious scronk jazz WSP crew through irreverent blend of face-slapping funk, odd metered grooves and a clutch of catchy, zigzagging melodies all to dazzling effect” (Time Out).



From the UK – redefining preconceptions of contemporary British jazz to voracious crowds of old-proggers and muso-teens – virtuosity with mind-blowing coherence.

Saturday 16 – In the Vortex from 5.45pm



Pyscho jazz, stepping a fine balance between structured composition and free improvisation, syncopated and pressing rhythms.



Ahead of the curve Nordic jazz with a nod to British prog rock.


Tin Men and the Telephone

From Holland – seductive, funny, challenging, wicked. Great musical depth and strong rhythms – jazz in a new guise.



From Italy – electro-dirty-progressive- funk on a psycho-surreal mission to rid the cosmos of evil, armed solely with synth, bass and drums.

The Incubator Arts Project – June 12-17 in New York

From the Incubator Arts Project:

Featuring Paula Matthusen, Tom Hamilton, Chris McIntyre’s Ullu (w/ Dave Shively), No Collective, John Zorn‘s Book of Heads (complete) performed by James Moore, Transient Series.

Paula Matthusen premieres her new piece “Pendulum Studies” for extracted piano frame. Performed by Kathleen Supové and Wil Smith.
Slybersonic Tromosome (Tom Hamilton – electronics Peter Zummo – trombone, electronics). The 19th anniversary of this band, with a few years off for good behavior. This duo’s trajectory – chronicled at midpoint by both the so-named 2000 Zummo/Hamilton Conference at Logos (Ghent) and their eponymous CD on Penumbra Records – has made a gradual descent into the later endnotes of New York’s creative life. Their previous 12th anniversary concert suggested more than it revealed while discovering paths never to be taken, trends to be refuted, unidirectional wires lost. And as always: Free reverb.

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Chris McIntyre presents the debut performance of his new band project, UllU. This “preview” of the group is a collaborative duo iteration with the extraordinary percussionist David Shively (Either/Or). Also featured for part of the performance is special guest Eli Keszler also on percussion.
The music of UllU is a percussive, “harmonic”, and textural mix of ideas; a dialectic investigation of pure and damaged symmetry, unified and polyvalent sonic images. Strategic and notated compositional material is used to create audible yet illusive formal structures. Rhythmic and linear content moves in and out of entrainment kaleidoscopically. The use of on-stage multi-channel amplification (outputting acoustic, synthesizer, sampler, and drum machine material) modulates the shifting dimensionality of UllU’s ensemble sound.

Call for Audiences: No Collective premiers the third installment in their Concertos series, which will explore the notion of “density” in music performance. As with the previous two pieces, Concertos No.3 again requires the presence of an audience. You can be of any race, gender, age, or political inclination, but please be ready to perform as an audience: to sit silently and perceive attentively the events unrolling before your eyes and ears for an hour or so. If you’re interested in taking part in this unique experience, simply come to the venue on the instructed date/time. An entrance fee of 15 dollars is required, but any number of people (between 1 and 15) can be admitted for the same total price. If more than 105 people show up, audience members will be selected via an audition.

Guitarist James Moore of Dither will perform the entirety of “The Book of Heads” by John Zorn: a beautiful, playful, and literally explosive evening of solo guitar music. Written for Eugene Chadbourne in 1978, The Book of Heads is a collection of 35 short etudes which utilize an arsenal of acoustic and electronic tecniques involving balloons, children’s toys and common household items. Moore offers his interpretation of the pieces, developed in consultation with the composer. The San Diego Reader describes “A knockout success … Like Muddy Waters having a seizure … Tonality was generally abused like a CEO at an S&M Convention.”

Transient Series I.5 (for Two) features violin duo String Noise (Conrad Harris & Pauline Kim Harris) performing Jürg Frey’s “Ohne Titel (2 Violinen),” and premieres by Andrew C. Smith and Jason Brogan. The evening also includes James Tenney‘s “Harmonium #2” (for two guitars) and KCM Walker’s “2 guitars, 4 ebows.”

Wordless Music Shows in Chicago and New York

From The Wordless Music Series:

Thursday, June 7, 2012
Loops and Variations: Wordless Music at Millennium Park
Chris Clark
Jan Jelinek & Andrew Pekler perform Ursula Bogner: “Sonne = Blackbox”
Casino Versus Japan
Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park, Chicago
Co-presented with the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events
Shows begin promptly at 6:30pm / all-ages / free admission

Thursday, June 14, 2012
Loops and Variations: Wordless Music at Millennium Park
Ensemble Dal Niente: music of Donatoni, Romitelli, and Deerhoof
Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park, Chicago
Co-presented with the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events
Shows begin promptly at 6:30pm / all-ages / free admission

Monday, June 18, 2012
Sandro Perri
Brooklyn Masonic Temple
Co-presented with Boom Collective
8pm doors and show / 18+ / $25 tickets now on sale

Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Sophia Knapp
Le Poisson Rouge
10pm doors and show / 18+ / $25 tickets now on sale

Thursday, July 5, 2012
Loops and Variations: Wordless Music at Millennium Park
A Winged Victory for the Sullen
ACME: music of Giacinto Scelsi, Andrew Norman, and J.S. Bach
Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park, Chicago
Co-presented with the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events
Shows begin promptly at 6:30pm / all-ages / free admission

Friday, September 14, 2012
Amon Tobin:
ISAM Live Audio/Visual Show
Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC
Co-presented with Boom Collective
7pm doors / 8pm show / 18+ / tickets now on sale