Pauline Oliveros Tribute at Darmstadt Essential Repertoire

Photo of Pauline at a dinner/concert in Oakland
Photo of Pauline at a dinner/concert in Oakland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Darmstadt Essential Repertoire, an annual new-music festival founded in 2008 by the New York composers Nick Hallett and Zach Layton, has become one of the city’s most reliable sources for concerts as entertaining as they are edifying. Equally important, the series is a crowbar meant to pry open a rigid canon and admit outliers whose work, however obscure, has proved significant and durable.

This year’s festival, hosted by the Issue Project Room in downtown Brooklyn, opened on Friday evening with a tribute to Pauline Oliveros, a composer whose exposure is modest relative to the breadth of her influence. Even for marginalized artists, a milestone birthday is a ready trigger; Ms. Oliveros, who turned 80 on Wednesday, is being celebrated widely this year.