AMN Reviews: From the Mouth of the Sun – Woven Tide (Experimedia)

Experimedia is the in-house imprint of the online musical emporium of the same name, boasting an impressive stock of spearhead electronica of all imaginable shapes and sizes and an absolute treasure trove for those trawling the depths of the new cassette underground. ”Woven Tide” is a gripping collaboration between Aaron Martin and Dag Rosenqvist working out of their respective studios in Topeka, Kansas and Gothenburg, Sweden. Aside from four full-length solo releases to date, cellist Martin has worked with the prolific Ruger Zuydervelt, aka Machinefabriek, who may be the tissue connecting the two virtual friends, as Rosenqvist has also recorded with the Dutchman. Under the nom-de-musique Jasper TX, he has also created reams of ambient and drone music.

”Woven Tide” is an album of texture and sincerity made of strings and piano, electronics and field recordings, many tracks shrouded in tape hissing like a guttering flame. Martin´s cello on ”Pools of Rust” has a plain, rural sacrality that subsequently sweeps into heavenly exhiliration on ”Color Loss”. ”My Skin Drinks Light That Has Passed Through Leaves” has the smokey aroma of Celtic balladry, and piano and cello duet gracefully on ”Sitting in a Roofless Room”. The elegiac mood is stretched to a rackingly emotional twenty minutes across ”Like Shadows in an Empty Cathedral” and ”A Season in Waters”, naked, expository ambience tempered with the comfort of a lullaby lilt and optimistic string crescendo.

If it were a colour, this album would be crushed peach and if it were an adjective it would be broken-hearted. It is a spare but resonant work, an affecting accomplishment, probably the best either of them have done. Several of the piece are also featured in a new Irish documentary, ”Remember Me, My Ghost”.

Stephen Fruitman