Brooklyn’s IBeam in June

English: Tyshawn Sorey at moers festival 2010
English: Tyshawn Sorey at moers festival 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the IBeam:

Mikko Innanen Intercontinental Extravaganza at I-Beam

Friday, June 1st 8:30 PM $10 Suggested Donation

Mikko Innanen – Sylvie Courvoisier Duo 8:30PM

Mikko Innanen – alto & baritone saxophone
Sylvie Courvoisier – piano

Mikko Innanen Trio 10:00PM

Mikko Innanen – alto & baritone saxophone
Ken Filiano – bass
Lou Grassi – drums

Mikko Innanen Intercontinental Extravaganza at I-Beam

Saturday, June 2nd 8:30 PM $10 Suggested Donation

Mikko Innanen – Andrew Cyrille Duo 8:30PM

Mikko Innanen – alto & baritone saxophone
Andrew Cyrille – drums

Mikko Innanen Quintet 10:00PM

Mikko Innanen – alto & baritone saxophone
Thomas Heberer – trumpet
Steve Swell – trombone
Max Johnson – bass
Joe Hertenstein – drums

Sebastien Ammann Quartet

Monday, June 4th 8:30 PM $10 Suggested Donation

Sebastien Ammann (piano)
Ohad Talmor (tenor sax)
Dave Ambrosio (bass)
Eric McPherson (drums)

Aram Shelton Quartet

Thursday, June 7th 8:30 PM $10 Suggested Donation

Aram – Alto Saxophone
Matt Bauder – Tenor Saxophone
Jason Ajemian – Bass
Drummer – tba

Yeti Camp | Yoon Sun Choi’s E String Band

Friday, June 8th 8:30 PM $10 Suggested Donation

Yeti Camp 8:30PM
Dana Lyn – violin and composition
Mike McGinnis – clarinet
Clara Kennedy – cello
Vinnie Sperrazza – drums
Kyle Sanna – guitar

Yoon Sun Choi’s E String Band 10:00PM
Yoon Sun Choi – toy piano and vox
Jacob Sacks – melodica
Khabu Dog Young – uke
Thomas Morgan – guitar
Vinnie Sperrazza – drums

4 Part Harmony

Saturday, June 9th 8:30 PM $10 Suggested Donation

This group focuses on making the most of harmonic instruments. Each instrument takes on roles not commonly associated with it; guitar turns into a percussion instrument, vibraphone plays bass lines, voice sings accompanying lines during instrumental solos, etc.

4 Part Harmony

Lauren Lee, vocals and piano
Mark Cocheo, guitar
Ku Il Oh, bass
Max Fieldschuh, vibraphone

1st Thursday of the Month continues

Thursday, June 14th 8:30 PM $10 Suggested Donation

1st Thursday of the Month” which is actually the 2nd Thursday of the month this month

8:30 PM
Jacob Garchik- trombone
Jacob Sacks- piano
Dave Ambrosio- bass
Vinnie Sperrazza- drums
tunes by everybody

“dry, controlled, radicalism…..a smeary version of chamber jazz”- Ben Ratliff, New York Times, August 2010

10 PM
Jeff Davis Band
Jason Rigby- tenor saxophone
Jesse Stacken- piano
Matt Pavolka- bass
Jeff Davis- drums/tunes

Brooklyn Jazz Underground Festival – Part 1

Friday, June 15th 8:30 PM $10 Suggested Donation

Owen Howard’s “Drum Lore” 8:30 PM
Owen Howard (drums)
Adam Kolker (tenor & soprano sax)
John O’Gallagher (alto sax)
Frank Carlberg (piano)
Aidan O’Donnell (bass)

A Portrait of Brooklyn 10:00 PM
David Smith (trumpet)
Adam Kolker (alto & tenor sax, bass clarinet, clarinet)
Dan Pratt (tenor sax, clarinet, flute)
Anne Mette Iversen (bass)
Rob Garcia (drums)

Brooklyn Jazz Underground Festival – Part 2

Saturday, June 16th 8:30 PM $10 Suggested Donation

Adam Kolker Solo 8:30 PM
Adam Kolker (tenor saxophone & bass clarinet)

Tammy Scheffer Sextet 9:00 PM
Tammy Scheffer (voice)
Andrew Urbina (alto sax)
Dan Pratt (tenor sax)
David Cook (piano)
Dan Foose (bass)
Ronen Itzik (drums)

David Cook Trio 10:30 PM
David Cook (piano)
Matt Clohesy (bass)
Mark Ferber (drums)

Alejandro Florez Presents

Friday, June 22nd 8:30 PM $10 Suggested Donation

Ricardo Gallo – piano
Dan Blake – saxophone
Peter Evans – trumpet
Dan Peck – tuba
Andrew Drury – drums
Alejandro Flórez – guitar

Ben Gerstein & Tyshawn Sorey: A Night of Duets

Saturday, June 23rd 8:30 PM $10 Suggested Donation

Ben Gerstein, trombone, drums, piano
Tyshawn Sorey, drums, piano, trombone /

AMN Picks of the Week: Walker and Lott / Sky Thing / Janel & Anthony / Hollmer / Positive Catastrophe / Pixel

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Brad Walker / Simon Lott – Redrawblak (2012)
Sky Thing – Garbage Strike (2012)
Janel & Anthony – Where Is Home (2012)
Lars Hollmer – With Floury Hand (sketches) (2012)
Positive Catastrophe – Dibrujo, Dibrujo, Dibrujo… (2012)
Pixel – Reminder (2012)

At the Roulette in June

English: Thurston Moore at the 2008 Brooklyn B...
English: Thurston Moore at the 2008 Brooklyn Book Festival in New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From New York’s Roulette:

Thursday, May 31, 2012 @ 8:00 pm
Thurston Moore + Bill Nace + Joe McPhee
Thurston Moore, singer/songwriter/guitarist for Sonic Youth, teams up with free-noise guitarist Bill Nace and avant-jazz saxophonist Joe McPhee.

Saturday, June 2, 2012 @ 8:00 pm
Sunday, June 3, 2012 @ 8:00 pm
Liz Phillips’ Biyuu
Liz Phillips, a pioneer of interactive sound and video installation art, teams up with Butoh dancer, Mariko Endo Reynolds, to explore the body electric, ground, and tides to reveal a fragile ecosystem. …

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 @ 6:30 pm
Sonic Smithy with Konrad Meissner

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 @ 8:00 pm
SIM Big Band
Featuring Ravi Coltrane, Chris Speed, Michael Attias, Loren Stillman, Andrew D’Angelo, Ben Gerstein, Shannon Barnett, Alan Ferber, Tim Albright, Ralph Alessi, Jonathan Finlayson, Steven Bernstein, Dave Ballou, Drew Gress, Guitar-Brad Shepik, Andy Milne, and Tyshawn Sorey

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 @ 8:00 pm
Margaret Leng Tan “SATIEfaction”
Satie and Satie-inspired music from John Cage, Toby Twining, Federico Mompou and Milos Raickovich, performed on piano and toy piano by Margaret Leng Tan.

Friday, June 8, 2012 @ 8:00 pm
Jerome Kitzke & The Mad Coyote – Winter Count
Composer Jerome Kitzke’s work blends jazz, Plains Indian song, and Beat Generation poetry in this performance featuring ETHEL, actor Jennifer Kathryn Marshall, percussionist Barbara Merjan, pianist Sarah Cahill, and accordionist Guy Klucevsek.

June 11 -17, 2012
Vision Festival XVII – Celebrating Joe McPhee, A Lifetime of Achievement

Thursday, June 21, 2012 @ 6:00 pm
Phill Niblock Winter Solstice Event
To celebrate the summer solstice, Phill Niblock presents “Two Lips”, a scored orchestra piece featuring the Dither Guitar Quartet and Neil Leonard playing saxophone with Sax Mix. More to be announced.

Sunday, June 24, 2012 @ 3:00 pm
Roulette’s second annual John Cage MUSICIRCUS. First performed in 1967, John Cage’s MUSICIRCUS is simply an invitation for performers to assemble and play together – a “happening” where multiple performances occur simultaneously to create new and unusual configurations. Expect an eclectic assortment of musicians, dancers, video artists, and performance artists from all corners of NYC’s artistic community – coming together for a collage of genres and forms.

Thursday, June 28, 2012 @ 8:00 pm
Alessandra Eramo
Berlin based sound artist and performer based in Berlin, working in the area of extended vocal techniques, sound-and visual poetry.

Saturday, June 30, 2012 @ 3:00 pm
Memorial for David Gamper
A Memorial for Sound Artist / Composer David Gamper (1945 – 2011) featuring performances by Pauline Oliveros and Stuart Dempster, David Hykes and Ev Mann, Elliott Schwartz, Christopher Gamper, Gisela Gamper, Stephen Vitiello, John Maxwell Hobbs, Anabella Lenzu, Monique Buzzarté, Douglas Cohen and George Brunner, Cynthia Oliver, Geoff Gersh and Jason Finkelman

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Terje Paulsen & Ákos Garai – Vertikale Shift
Bushman’s Revenge – A Little Bit of Big Bonanza
Byetone – Symeta
William Fowler Collins – The Resurrections Unseen
T.O.M.B. – UAG
Death Trip – Pain Is Pain: The Complete Death Trip 1988-199
Hair Stylistics – Power Electronics Convention
I watched You Die – Sharpened Lust
Stoned To Death – The Sky Opens
Dhusk – Self Titled

Open Ears Music Show Downloads

From live downloads from New Orleans’ Open Ears Music:

Oestreicher/Walker/Benetti – 27 March 2012 – Audio Archive
Dan Oestreicher (bass sax), Brad Walker (saxes), & Marcello Benetti (drums)

Jeff Albert Quartet – 20 March 2012 – Audio Archive
Jeff Albert (trombone), Ray Moore (saxes), Jesse Morrow (bass), & Dave Cappello (drums)

Shane Theriot’s Dirty Power Trio – 13 March 2012 – Audio Archive
Shane Theriot (guitar), Graham Robinson (bass), Doug Garrison (drums)

Mark McGrain & Plunge – Audio Archive – 28 Feb 12
Mark McGrain (trombone), Tom Fitzpatrick (saxes), James Singleton (bass)

The Stone in June

Deutsch: Brad Mehldau selbst fotografiert am 2...
Deutsch: Brad Mehldau selbst fotografiert am 20.7.2001 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From New York’s Stone:

June 2012 at the Stone
curated by Jesse Harris / Shayna Dunkelman

6/1 Friday (DDT)
8 pm
Sasha Dobson
Sasha Dobson (guitar, voice)

10 pm
Trio S
Doug Wieselman (clarinet) Jane Scarpantoni (cello) Kenny Wollesen (drums)

6/2 Saturday (YT)
8 pm
Nadia Sirota
Nadia Sirota (viola) Clarice Jensen (cello)

10 pm
Tony Scherr
Tony Scherr (voice, guitar)

6/3 Sunday (CWL)
8 and 10 pm
Knights and Friends present the John Cage 100th bday celebration

6/4 Monday (DDT)
7:30 and 9 pm
7:30—Open Rehearsal

6/5 Tuesday (JC)
8 pm
Hannah Cohen
Hannah Cohen (voice, guitar)

10 pm
Johnny Gandelsman
Johnny Gandelsman (violin) Joseph Gramley (percussion)

6/6 Wednesday
8 and 10 pm
Brad Mehldau & Mark Guiliana Duo
Brad Mehldau (piano) Mark Guiliana (drums)

6/7 Thursday (YT)
8 and 10 pm
Marc Ribot (guitar) Jesse Harris (voice, guitar) and many special guests
The Occupy Gazette is published by the people at N+1, a Brooklyn based magazine of politics, literature, and culture. The Gazette has provided engaged but critical and intelligent writing on the Occupy movement from its very first months onwards. It is published without advertising and distributed free of charge at locations around NYC. TIDAL magazine believes we can’t have radical action without radical thought and offers theory and strategy as a means of empowering occupiers, whether actual or potential, to envision actions that ultimately transform existing power structures.

We hope these writings will positively impact the Occupy Movement, propel it forward, and clarify its goals. This benefit will help pay printing costs for future issues. TWENTY DOLLARS

6/8 Friday (RJP)
8 pm
Vinicius Cantuaria sings Jobim
Vinicius Cantuaria (guitar, voice)

10 pm
Vinicius Cantuaria
Vinicius Cantuaria (guitar, voice)

6/9 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Federico Aubele
Federico Aubele

10 pm
Guilherme Monteiro’s Slow Dreaming

6/10 Sunday (KR)
8 pm
Jesse Harris—Songs from Sub Rosa
Jesse Harris (guitar, voice) Bill Dobrow (drums) Guilherme Monteiro (guitar) Jeff Hill (bass)

10 pm
Julian Lage
Julian Lage

6/11 Monday (SK)
7:30 and 9 pm
7:30—Open Rehearsal

6/12 Tuesday
8 pm
Jesse Harris—Cosmo Band (Instrumental)
Jesse Harris, Guilherme Monteiro (guitars) CJ Camerieri (trumpet) Jeff Hill (bass) Kenny Wollesen (drums, vibes)

10 pm
Kenny Wollesen’s Search & Enjoy (vocal choir)
Kenny Wollesen’s Search & Enjoy (vocal choir)

6/13 Wednesday (BK)
8 pm
Jim Campilongo and Steve Cardenas Acoustic Duo
Jim Campilongo, Steve Cardenas (guitars)

10 pm
Anthony Wilson and Julian Lage duo
Anthony Wilson (guitar) Julian Lage (guitar)

6/14 Thursday (RJP)
8 pm
Kenny Wollesen (drums) Brandon Seabrook (guitar) Eivind Opsvik (bass) Tony Malaby (sax) Jacob Sacks (piano, organ)

10 pm
Seabrook Power Plant
Brandon Seabrook (guitar, banjo) Tom Blancarte (bass) Jared Seabrook (drums)

6/15 Friday
8 pm
John Zorn (sax) Shayna Dunkelman (percussion) Ikue Mori (electronics) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) and many special guests
One long set of improvisation to benefit The Stone. Our Monthly rent party keeps us afloat so come on down and help The Stone survive! TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS

6/16 Saturday (DS)
8 pm
The Du Yun Quartet with Qian Yi
Qian Yi (Chinese Opera singer) Zhou Yi (Pipa, Qin) Gareth Flowers (trumpet, mono synth) Theo Metz (drums) Du Yun (piano, laptop, composer)
Du Yun’s newly project is a new take, a revamp on a Kunqu opera: Slaying the Tiger. Revamping the Konqu opera.

10 pm
Leyna Marika Papach
Solo violin works.

6/17 Sunday (JM)
8 pm
Jordan Glenn
Jordan Glenn (drums) Nate Wooley (trumpet) Michael Coleman (piano)

10 pm
Ava Mendoza
Ava Mendoza (guitar) Nick Tamburro (drums) Dominique Leone (synths)

6/18 Monday (MJ)
7:30 and 9 pm
7:30—Open Rehearsal

6/19 Tuesday (TO)
8 pm
Matt Marks–Shame Remixes
Kathleen Supové (piano) James Moore (banjo) Gareth Flowers (trumpet) Kelli Kathman (alto flute) Andie Springer (violin)
All music scored by Matt Marks

10 pm
Aaron Novik
Aaron Novik (bass clarinet) Ava Mendoza (guitar) Jordan Glenn (drums) Sam Ospovat (percussion) Bill Wolter (guitar) Michael Coleman (keyboards)
Music by Aaron Novik.

6/20 Wednesday
8 and 10 pm
Sleeping Giant
Timothy Andres, Robert Honstein, Jacob Cooper, Chris Cerrone, Andrew Norman, Ted Hearne
Sleeping Giant is a collective of six emerging New York-based composers: Timothy Andres, Robert Honstein, Jacob Cooper, Chris Cerrone, Andrew Norman and Ted Hearne.

6/21 Thursday
8 pm
Angélica Negron
Angélica Negron (accordion, etc) and special guest musicians
Original music by Angélica Negron

10 pm
Shayna Dunkelman (percussion) Preshish Moments (electronics)

6/22 Friday (TO)
8 pm
Jen Baker and Kyoko Kitamura
Jen Baker (trombone) Kyoko Kitamura (piano)

10 pm
Jon Pfeffer
Jon Pfeffer (vocals, guitar) and special guest musicians

6/23 Saturday
8 pm
Annie Gosfield
Annie Gosfield (keyboards)

10 pm
Blevin Blectum
Blevin Blectum (electronics)

6/24 Sunday (CB)
8 pm
Wobbly and Seth Horvitz
Wobbly (sampling) Seth Horvitz (electronics)

10 pm
Shayna Dunkelman, Ayako Kataoka and Liz Meredith
Shayna Dunkelman (pecussion) Ayako Kataoka (electronics) Liz Meredith (viola)

6/25 Monday (MJ)
7:30 and 9 pm
7:30—Open Rehearsal

6/26 Tuesday (KR)
8 pm
Deviant Septet
Bill Kalinkos (clarinet) Brad Balliett (bassoon) Shayna Dunkelman (percussion) Mike Gurfield (trumpet) Dave Nelson (trombone) Courtney Orlando (violin) Doug Balliett (bass)
Original scores by members of Deviant Septet

10 pm
Nava Dunkelman (percussion) Tara Sreekrishnan (piano) Jeanie April Tang (synth, pedals, electronics)

6/27 Wednesday
8 pm
Roger Kleier
Roger Kleier (guitar)

10 pm
Maryclare Brzytwa, James Brandon Lewis and Kevin Robinson
Maryclare Brzytwa (flute) James Brandon Lewis (tenor sax) Kevin Robinson (baritone sax)

6/28 Thursday
8 pm
Zeena and the Adorables
Zeena Parkins (harp, electric harp) Shayna Dunkelman (percussion) Preshish Moments (electronics) Jordan Glenn (drums)

10 pm
The Unlearning
Theresa Wong (cello, voice) Carla Kihlstedt (violin, voice)

6/29 Friday (JI)
8 pm
Caleb Burhans (violin, voice) Grey Mcmurray (guitar, voice, piano, etc.)

10 pm
Brian Chase
Brian Chase (drums) and special guest musicians

6/30 Saturday (JI)
8 pm
Phillip White, Taylor Levine and Ches Smith
Phillip White (electronics) Taylor Levine (guitar) Ches Smith (drums)

10 pm
Maryclare Brzytwa, Zeena Parkins, Ha-yang Kim and Shayna Dunkelman
Maryclare Brzytwa (flute, electronics) Zeena Parkins (piano, electric harp) Ha-yang Kim (cello) Shayna Dunkelman (drums)

All About Jazz Reviews

Ástor Piazzolla with his bandoneón in 1971.
Ástor Piazzolla with his bandoneón in 1971. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From All About Jazz:

Guillermo Klein y Los Guachos
Carrera (Sunnyside Records)

Federico Ughi
Songs For Four Cities (Skycap Records)

Neil Welch
Boxwork (Table and Chairs Music)

If Not Inertia (Cuneiform Records)

Astor Piazzolla
Astor Piazzolla and Manos Hadjidakis: L’Ultime Concert (Warner Jazz)

Karl Berger / Dom Minasi
Synchronicity (Nacht records)