Paul Dunmall Profiled

From Perfect Sound Forever:

British free jazz achieved its own distinctive voice since its beginnings: the first generation started with the non-idiomatic improvisation of Derek Bailey and “insect music” performed by John Stevens and his Spontaneous Music Ensemble during the sixties. A second generation arrived later, around mid-seventies, with Bead Records and other musicians more interested in the subtleness of restricted/improvised sound, making it thirty years before the successful scene of reductionism. But Paul Dunmall‘s music has nothing to do with restriction and reduction. His playing inherits in some manner of Evan Parker‘s legacy- just to mention Britian’s most famous free tenor sax player– but John Coltrane‘s legacy is an obvious and positive shade in his playing at the same time, along with less evident phrasing techniques that resemble some great masters like Dexter Gordon and Charlie Parker, all references that Dunmall accept in open way.