Out of Your Head Brooklyn May-August Schedule

From Out of Your Head:

Sunday March 20:
Set One (9:30p): Joe Moffett-trumpet; Owen Stewart-Roberston-guitar; Sean Ali-bass
Set Two (11:00p): Jake Henry-trumpet; Liz Kosack-keyboards; Jonathan Goldberger-guitar; Max Goldman-drums

Sunday June 3:
Set One (9:30p): Nico Soffiato-guitar; Noah Garabedian-bass; Noel Brennan-drums
Set Two (11:00p): Josh Reed-trumpet; Eyal Moaz-guitar; Max Jaffe-drums

Sunday June 17:
Set One (9:30p): Gian Slater-voice; Brad Henkel-trumpet; Carlo Costa-drums
Set Two (11:00p) Cam Collins-alto; Patrick Breiner-tenor; Dave Miller-guitar; Devin Gray-drums

Sunday July 1:
Set One (9:30p): Nathaniel Morgan-alto; Anna Webber-tenor; Jessie Stacken-keyboards; Landon Knoblock-keyboards; Flin van Hemmen-drums
Set Two (11:00p): Ben Syversen-trumpet; Will McEvoy-bass; Booker Stardrum-drums

Sunday July 15:
Set One (9:30p): Peter Hanson-reeds; Mariel Berger-accordian; TJ Huff-guitar
Set Two (11:00p): Yoni Kretzer-tenor; Danny Gouker-trumpet; Rick Parker-trombone; Matt Plummer-trombone

Sunday August 5:
Set One (9:30p): Andrew Bishop-reeds; Kenny Warren-trumpet; JP Schlegelmilch-keyboards; Gerald Cleaver-drums
Set Two (11:00p): Eric Trudel-tenor; Greg Chudzik-bass; Nathan Ellman-Bell-drums; Kate Pittman-drums*

Sunday August 19:
Set One (9:30p): Jacob Teichroew-reeds; Sebastien Ammann-keyboards; Devin Drobka-drums
Set Two (11:00p): Jonathan Lindhorst-tenor; Sebastian Noelle-guitar; Keisuke Matsuno-guitar; Tim Kuhl-drums

Free Jazz Blog Reviews

Paul Lytton in concert with Ken Vandermark & P...
Paul Lytton in concert with Ken Vandermark & Philipp Wachsmann (CINC) at Club W71, Weikersheim. Deutsch: Paul Lytton im Konzert mit Ken Vandermark & Philipp Wachsmann (CINC) im Club W71, Weikersheim. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Free Jazz:

Darius Jones Quartet – Book of Mae’bul (Another Kind of Sunrise) – (AUM Fidelity, 2012) ****
Nate Wooley, Christian Weber, Paul Lytton – Six Feet Under (NoBusiness, 2012) ****
Andrew Lamb – Rhapsody In Black (No Business, 2012) ****½
Volume – Tungt Vand (Ninth World, 2011) ****

Newsbits: Thompson / BEAMS / Smith / Halvorson / Shipp and Mateen / Zappa

Sabir Mateen, moers festival 2008
Sabir Mateen, moers festival 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Walter Thompson Orchestra, which uses conducted improvisation, plays New York on June 8 and 9.

On Saturday, May 19, the Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society performs in Edmonton.

Phawker interviews percussionist Ches Smith.

A review of a recent New York performance of the works of Hilda Paredes is available.

Matthew Shipp and Sabir Mateen at London’s Cafe Oto is reviewed.

Mary Halvorson conducted a video interview about her latest release, Bending Bridges.

A 5CD set featuring 58 early Frank Zappa recordings will be released this month.

Edgetone Records Spring Releases

Rent Romus performing at the San Francisco Com...
Rent Romus performing at the San Francisco Community Music Center (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Edgetone Records:

Artist: Rent Romus‘ Lords of Outland
Title: Cloudknitter Suite
Genre: Avant-Garde/Jazz

Artist: Rent Romus
Title: PKD Vortex Project
Genre: Avant-Garde/Jazz

Artist: duoB (Jason Levis and Lisa Mezzacappa)
Title: start this before dawn touches the skyscrapers
Genre: Avant-Garde/Jazz

Artist: Rent Romus’ Lords of Outland
Title: The Pit
Genre: Avant-Garde/Jazz