Poland’s Festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music

Photo of Pauline at a dinner/concert in Oakland
Photo of Pauline at a dinner/concert in Oakland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This festival is already underway in Lublin, Poland. Remaining acts include:

15 May (Tuesday) / 7pm / Lublin Philharmonic
• “Projekt 100! Credo – The Future of Music” – Marcin Dymiter aka emiter (Poland), Tomasz Chołoniewski (Poland), Jerzy Mazzoll (Poland), Ignaz Schick (Germany), Jérôme Noetinger (France), DJ Lenar (Poland)
• Ladislav Anton “The Clay Songs Project” (Poland)

16 May (Wednesday) / 7pm Lublin Philharmonic
• “Alpine Polyphony – Alpine Miniatures” – Mytha (Switzerland)
• “Do not be satisfied with approximations.” – AMM: Eddie Prévost, John Tilbury (UK)

17 May (Thursday) / 7 pm Musical Theatre
• “Williams Mix Extended” – Valerio Tricoli (Italy), Werner Dafeldecker (Austria), Lillevan (Germany)
• “Lublin Soundpainting Orchestra” – Soundpainter Walter Thompson (USA), workshop participants (Poland)

18 May (Friday) / 7pm Lublin Philharmonic
• “Pauline Oliveros performs Cage and Oliveros” – Pauline Oliveros (USA), workshop choir (Poland)
• “John Cage and the Music of Always” – Paul Hillier’s Theatre of Voices (Denmark)

19 May (Saturday) / 6pm Lublin Philharmonic
• “John Cage: art/film/music” – Margaret Leng Tan (Singapore/USA)
• “Schwitters and Lang” – Paul Hillier’s Theatre of Voices (Denmark)

FIMAV Preview

Roscoe Mitchell, moers festival 2009
Roscoe Mitchell, moers festival 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A preview of this weekend’s beginning to FIMAV, the annual Victoriaville fest, from the Montreal Gazette:

This year, the focus is on free jazz, improvised music and acoustic instrumentation, with none of the noise headliners featured in previous editions. The festival will also present Montreal-based musicians, including veteran rocker Lucien Francoeur, dramatic viola improviser Jean René and younger groups closer to the post- and avant-rock scenes. The top draw is the iconic John Zorn, the New York based saxophonist/composer, who leads two groups Thursday and Friday. Three veterans of Chicago’s Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians – pianist Muhal Richard Abrams, saxophonist Roscoe Mitchell and trombonist George Lewis – close the festival Sunday. Smith and his Golden Quartet will be playing selections from the 21 movements of his Ten Freedom Summers

Joe McPhee Interview

Joe McPhee, moers festival 2010
Joe McPhee, moers festival 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From All About Jazz:

He could have easily chosen a different path: a more successful one or, perhaps we should say, a more commercial one. But that has never been the style or the character of multi-instrumentalist Joe McPhee. His saint-like humility reflects a gentle and wise creative spirit; his music and poetry are a mirror into the human condition. He has never catered to the shortsighted vision of industry trends, and he expresses himself with a language that is in tune within his innermost spiritual beauty.

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

orchestramaxfieldparrish – Crossing of Shadows
The Residents – Coochie Brake
Cult Of The Smiling Jesus – Songs Of Hate
Storm Legion – Desolation Angels
Bad Algorithm – Collapse
Konrad Kraft – Temporary Audiosculptures And Artefacts
Extreme Chafing – Temporary Relief
Acerbitas – Arduous Wall
Illuha – Shizuku