Upcoming Seattle Shows

From Seattle’s Wayward Music:

SAT. 5/12, 8 PM – Nonsequitur presents Novi_Sad, intense electroacoustic soundscapes from Athens, Greece – fans of Francisco Lopez, Daniel Menche, etc. take note

THU. 5/17, 8 PM – Monktail Composers Series, Vol. 9, music of Kenneth Mandell

FRI. 5/18 – The Many Duo, featuring percussionist Kevin Haag and guitarist Matt Williams

SAT. 5/19, 8 PM – Seattle Modern Orchestra plays Feldman’s Rothko Chapel and Hugues Dufourt’s L’Asie d’aprés Tiepolo

THU. 5/24 – S. Eric Scribner (piano) presents new works, with Matt Kocmierowski and Keith Eisenbrey (found objects); Bruce Greeley (bass clarinet); Natalie Mai Hall (‘cello); and Mike Sentkewitz (string bass)

FRI. 5/25 – Neal Kosaly-Meyer presents an evening of solo compositions, and one ensemble piece, spanning the career of John Cage, in the year of his 100th birthday, with William O. Smith, Melissa Walsh, Stuart Dempster

THU. 5/31 – Christian Asplund, ex-Seattle composer currently based in Utah