Newsbits: Moore / Zorn / Rothenberg / Ligeti / Endangered Blood

Thurston Moore at the 2008 Brooklyn Book Festi...
Thurston Moore at the 2008 Brooklyn Book Festival in New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thurston Moore and John Zorn‘s recent duo performance is reviewed.

Virtuoso reed player Ned Rothenberg to perform solo improvisations, and improvised duets with guitarist Ayman Fanous, at Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church, Foggy Bottom
Washington D.C. on May 11.

A new Gyorgy Ligeti recording is reviewed.

NPR has a video feature on Endangered Blood – Trevor Dunn (bass), Jim Black (drums), Chris Speed (tenor saxophone) and Oscar Noriega (alto saxophone).

Why east London’s Cafe Oto is Britain’s coolest venue

From The Guardian:

Cafe Oto, founded by Hamish Dunbar and his partner Keiko Yamamoto, claims to be the only UK venue exclusively foregrounding experimental music. When Japan’s Otomo Yoshihide performed there in 2010, they had to switch off the bar fridges as their hum was louder than the show, which featured Yoshihide “playing” the edge of a credit card on an unamplified turntable.

Musique Machine Reviews

Mats Gustafsson
Mats Gustafsson (Photo credit: neofob)

From Musique Machine:

Gareth Dickson – Quite A Way Away
Mats Gustafsson – Bengt
The New Blockaders / Merzbow / Anomali – Kali-Yuga Karma
Bördel Noïr – X
Vomir/Werewolf Jerusalem – Split 7inch
Francisco López – Untitled #275
Lea Cummings – Revelations from the New Silence, Volume IV – Huma
Dead Body Collection/Small Hours – This will Be your Life Without you
[Untitled] – II(Infinity series Part 15)
Vomir – Untitled(Infinity series Part 14)